Tinubu Must Change His Muslim/ Muslim Ticket If He Doesn’t Want A Repeat Of The 1993 Elections That Was Truncated !! By Femi Lawumi



Anybody who says religion is trivial in today’s Nigeria is pursuing an agenda only known to him or her.

Is it today that there came Moslems and Christians in Nigeria? Simple. A Muslim in a government led by a Christian can protect the interest of Muslims and vice versa in today’s Nigeria. In fact, I dare bet that if not for a Muslim northerner as Vice President under OBJ, then the 3rd term agenda of OBJ would have been a reality and I dare say if not for an Osinbajo, a Christian and Southerner under this government, then the murder of innocent Christians in churches and non inclusion in government would have been more horrible.

Was it not as recently as the time of APC presidential primary that the vuvuzelas were out that an Osinbajo government if he wins will be RCCGified?

Just some fews weeks ago ! He was only contesting to be presidential flagbearer then and the religious banner was placed over his head. In fact he wouldn’t have dared a Christian -Christian ticket and now the shout is what’s religion got to do with it ?


Hypocrites ! Religion is a big thing in Nigeria today because of Leah Sharibu. A girl the terrorists have probably killed by now because he refused to change of Christianity.

Religion is important in today’s Nigeria because of those Pastors who Boko Haram laid on the floor and slaughtered like rams. Religion is important because of the terrorists that entered Owo church in Ondo and slaughtered over forty something innocent Christians worshiping their Creator.

Religion is important now because a Minister accused of terrorism links was not removed from office by a Muslim President and what’s the tendency it won’t get worse when a Christian completely has no voice in a Muslim -Muslim ticket?

Who will not be fearful after 7 years under the draconian rule of a Muslim and ethnic bigot ? Religion matters and we are no fools to be cajoled. Nigeria needs restructuring or we go our different ways.

Tinubu might be the most favoured candidate of the lot by the North pretentiously, but when the stakes are down a Southern Muslim candidate like Tinubu can not be rated as a pure muslim so a staunch islam fundamentalist, promoter of Boko Haram and apologist of ISWAP is needed to make Tinubu’s mandate as a muslim genuine, okay and acceptable by the Northern muslims in power ..

The Tinubu’s muslim / muslim ticket remains unaceptable to a large cross section of Nigerians and he dare not ignore it or else he will be a victim of the soothsayers who advised him to try this card to his detriment

*The 1993 fallings , traps and failures that killed the expectations of Nigerians might be repeated in 2023 if Tinubu goes ahead with this Muslim / Muslim ticket.*

Best of luck

*Femi lawumi

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