The Seyi Makinde I know By Akintayo Akin-Deko


I am not holding brief for Seyi Makinde (indeed his government is vindictively sitting on some of our legitimately earned revenue for no good reason) but he is a product of the society we built in more recent years when corruption was the disorder of the day

It was by dint of hard work and his academic brilliance that he made it to UNILAG and later became a Shell pupil. Like most of his generation they never really knew Nigeria when things worked and were good for the vast majority.

He came into politics straight from private business, where like the MKOs and the Mike Adenugas, he had been more lucky than talented. He thus had no training in the shark-infested waters of our political terrain and proudly claims he has no mentor (aka godfather).

Having surrounded himself in Agodi House with his fellow Shell alumni, he courted the wrath of Ibadan grassroots politicians who have scant regard for education and would gladly scatter everything if denied access to power.


Seyi simply needs to man up and add more savvy Ibadan politicians to his team

On the other hand, Aketi, like him or not, is one of us – a product of the best Nigeria at its best had to offer. He went to Aquinas, Loyola, Compro, and Unife. He was AG 24 years ago and a SAN in 1998.

Aketi had to get dirty with the pigs to be able to play the politics that won him the governorship – we’ll deal with that when he retires. But at least we now have one of us in charge in Ondo State

Whenever a nation faces major external threat, we close ranks. These 2 men are in charge of Constituted Authority. Until we are forced to set the Constutution aside for whatever reason we have to help them to help our people

Akintayo Akin-Deko

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