The Netanyahu Debacle – Analysis By Wumi Akintide


The Fragile Coalition of 8 Parties with diametrically opposed convictions  take over power in Israel

What would be holding them together is their mutual angst or even hatred of Natanyahu who is facing multiple investigations for corruption that he cannot fully escape from.

Netanyahu has managed to continuously hold on to power as Prime Minister for 12 years because he had used his power to surreptitiously keep a lid on many of those investigators from doing their job or postponing the evil day pretty much like Donald Trump has done in his 4 years in the White House.

Donald Trump has been using his Attorney General William Barr to block or simply misinterpret or just refuse to act on many of those investigations he clearly knew could irredeemably damage his boss or even put his own career or integrity in peril.

In fact, part of the reason Natanyahu wanted to hold on to power for as long as he has done is the same reason why Donald Trump does not want to ever leave the White House.

In that sense, I think we all can conclude that Natanyahu and Donald Trump are joined in the hips in some ways, but where they differ is their background, their exposure, their experience in Government before coming to power and above all their education and religious convictions as I am going to show with the remaining segments of this write-up.

Donald Trump can be called an Agnostic businessman with no strong convictions in any religion other than his own enlightened self interest as a narcissist and a vendetta-drive corrupt individual whose only God is Money and how to acquire more of it by taking undue advantage of his competitors or political enemies and by his naked abuse of power with criminal levity and impunity.


Donald Trump does it by telling lies upon lies like a Mafia Boss and by secretly investigating his political enemies to silence them.

His criminalities are worse than those of Richard Nixon as we are soon to find out.

I have written multiple articles on those criminal behaviors but he has managed to escape justice because Mitch McConnell has used his position as Majority Leader in the Senate to cover up for him because he too or his wife a Cabinet Minister of Donald Trump is somewhat implicated in Trump’s criminal behaviors as we are soon going to find out.

Donald Trump has an autocratic or dictatorial streak in him that makes him fall in love with dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Un if they are willing to help him get to the White House and if they are willing to help him turn American Government into a system like their own on a quid pro quo basis.

Vladimir Putin delivered on that compact with Trump when he and the KGB actively assisted Trump in coming from behind to steal victory in the Electoral College from Hillary Clinton who had beaten Trump by close to 3 million in the popular vote based on a one-man-one-vote which is the foundation pillar of Democracy.

Netanyahu on the other hand is a somewhat different political animal.

He is a brilliant politician and a product of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an Orthodox Jew with some strong convictions and faith in the Zionist ideology.

He was a career politician and Diplomat who had served as the Israeli Permanent Representative to the United Nations before becoming Prime Minister. He has hung on to that office for 15 years longer than most of his peers or predecessors.

He knows the game and how to play it well and he is very eloquent and far more articulate than his Siamese twin Donald Trump.

The coalition of 8 minor Parties have seen a reason to forget their differences in order to defeat Netanyahu. They know they have to hang in together or they can easily lose a vote of confidence that could force them to call for another election which may see Natanyahu reinstated as Prime Minister quicker than they envisage.They are determined to sink or swim together to beat their common enemy.

The Israeli system of Government is more like the British Parliamentary system where a loss in just one vote of confidence can make the difference between life and death for an incumbent Prime Minister who would be forced to call for a new election in no time at all.

I have been to Israel and I have spent time in TelAviv and Jerusalem. I am also a product of the Yeshiva Jewish University of New York, one of the few Blacks to be so lucky to gain admission to the amazing citadel of leaning and I live in a Jewish Neighborhood in New York with so many friends among them.

The tiny state of Israel is currently less than 10 million in population. It is one country in the whole world where more of her citizens live abroad and they exert a lot of influence back at home and they understand the value of voting than other nationalities around the World.

They are all committed to one overriding principle which is the survival of Israel which they know is surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors who do not like or recognize Israel but are just too weak and too divided to take them on in a war.

If Palestinians kill 10 Israelis they would lose one hundred or more for shedding the blood of 10 Israelis.

They consider themselves the “chosen people and the elect of God as confirmed in the Holy Scriptures and they are damn right on that.

The whole world now recognizes the tiny state of Israel as America in the Middle East.

To take on Israel is synonymous to taking on America and most people understand that now. If you hit Israel, be prepared to face America the new promised land of the Jews.

If you call Israel the 51st state of America, you will be right. If Israel sneezes, you can expect America to catch cold. Their relationship is that close.

Israel was created or carved out of Palestine in 1948 by America and her Allies following their victory against Hitler in the Second World War fought from 1939-1945.

America and her allies therefore feel a special obligation and responsibility to support Israel by all means and with everything they have got.

Israel on the other hand does not take that commitment for granted. They are doing everything in their power to secure their country and to make it the post powerful nation in the most volatile region of the World. They have managed to turn their desert country into an Oasis or some Eldorado.

Getting rid of Natanyahu would be the Adrenaline that keeps the coalition of those 8 minor parties together if they are to survive.

I was just finishing this article when I got the breaking News that Naftali Bennett has managed to wrestle power out of Natanyahu’s hands in a nail biter victory of 60 to 59.

Hail to the new Prime Minister of Israel, the Honorable Naftali Bennett shown in the picture below. Long live Naftali and long live Israel

Shalom Shalom!!!

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.

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