The Must-See Moments from Lilian & Sandra’s Staycation at Boardroom Apartments

The Must-See Moments from Lilian & Sandra's Staycation at Boardroom Apartments

Hi BNers,

Lilian and Sandra here! 

We know you’ve been waiting to get all the deets from our 2-day staycation at Boardroom Apartments. Well, the wait is over. Our stay at the luxurious hotel bouquet and short stay apartment was one for the books and we’ve got all the fun moments right here… Keep reading.


It is not every day you get offered an all-expense paid staycation, so when the opportunity presented itself, it was a no-brainer that we had to be a part of it.

We’d have to say that we packed our bags faster than most, bolting to where we will call home for two days. Having researched all the exciting activities Boardroom Apartments had to offer, our decision went from must-see to must-have!

Our beautiful experience began from the gate of our venue located at Prince Samuel Adedoyin street, Lekki Peninsula II.

We arrived at Boardroom Apartments on Tuesday, the 2nd of August and the excitement kicked in right away. From the gatemen to the receptionists, everyone welcomed us with smiling faces, willing to help us at every turn.

My (Lilian) rider couldn’t help exclaiming: “this is the best reception I’ve experienced.” 

We headed to the front desk where our check-in process was smooth. 

We were eager to see every corner of the building, so the Guest Experience Manager, Chinenye Ibeh, alongside the Marketing and Communications Manager, Oluwatoyosi Adegunle were kind enough to give us a detailed tour of Boardroom Apartments and all it has in store.

Take a look at the video below!

 Oluwatoyosi Adegunle also let us in on some fun facts about the hotel. If you love the drama series “Money Heist”, this video is for you.

We made it to our accommodation, perfectly named Paris 201. Once the door opened, we both stared at each other and let out a little squeal. Yup, the apartment had that effect on us.

We received a heart-warming fruit basket with a personalized welcome note addressed to us. Read below!

It was a sight to behold, a picturesque living room, two luxurious suites, a well-equipped kitchen, a gorgeous balcony… everything was flawless. 

Take a look!

I (Lilian) couldn’t ignore the nicely carved mirror in the living room, so I took photos before heading to the bedroom, and every other time I could. 😉

Let’s head to our bedrooms!

Sandra’s bedroom:

Lilian’s bedroom:

Regular apartments come with care kits in the bathroom, but not everyone has vanity kits, sewing kits, shaving kits and a lot more than the regular shampoo, lotion and toothpaste. If you’ve ever accidentally ripped your outfit before stepping out and couldn’t find a needle and thread to quickly stitch it, you’ll understand how thoughtful this is! Talk about a stress-free staycation:

Want to see the other rooms and apartments? Keep scrolling!

We ended our day with a platter of yummy goodness served by Ohuru by HSE Rooftop Restaurant & Bar. Now, the ambience and the food were a match made in heaven. To top off our experience, we were serenaded by soft music and the evening breeze.

See what we ate: 

Dinner was sumptuous and we still can’t get over how tasty the meals were! Want some? You know where to get it 🙃 

We made our way back to our apartment, using our space to the max, opting for a warm bath on a refreshing night, watching a little TV and ending the day in our separate lush beds. PS, we slept like babies.

Day 2

Morning came by faster than we expected and we were delighted to wake up to the refreshing cups of tea as we soaked in the view and fresh air from the sundeck. See the video:

We kickstarted the day with breakfast in bed from Boardroom Apartments’ in-dining restaurant. Yup, we bougie like that! Steaming English Breakfast to the rescue, and boy-oh-boy did it taste GOOD!

Want to know what Boardroom Apartments’ in-dining restaurant looks like? Here you go:

After breakfast, we decided to maximize the meeting room to get some work done.

On our way to the meeting room, we couldn’t help but notice a walkway full of art pieces. Yes, you guessed it, We were obsessed!

Boardroom Apartments is very intentional about creating a vibrant environment that is zen and tells a story of different cultures. And they did just that with the colourful art pieces.

Luckily, the Boardroom Apartment offers not one but three executive meeting rooms for when you want that workspace environment. We finally arrived at Meeting Room 2 and trust us to use the comfortable space to the fullest.

With work sorted, we headed to the picturesque HSE Café for baked goodies and refreshing drinks. We enjoyed our tasty delights and also the vibrant ambience of the cafe. Cheers!

A relaxing spa massage is a must-have for any staycation! Where there’s a Spa appointment, you can find Lilian and Sandra overly excited, grinning from ear to ear, hoping to take the Lagos hustle and bustle out of our systems.

We did just that at the nature-inspired wellness spa Tirta Ayu Spa. We enjoyed a thorough body and foot massage accompanied by thermal-auricular therapy. If you ask us, that therapeutic moment lives rent-free in our heads.

Our last supper (LOL) couldn’t have been more delicious! I ordered Penne pasta, cooked in roasted tatashe pesto, sliced chicken, and topped with basil oil. Lilian opted for grilled whole tilapia served with sauteed vegetables with a side of steaming Jollof Rice. We ate to our heart’s content and washed it down with refreshing cocktails.

As you can probably tell, we didn’t want the night to end. But you know, all good things have to. With this, the day came to an end and we headed back to our rooms and prepared to check out the next morning.

Are you still wondering where to enjoy your staycation this summer? The all-inclusive Boardroom Apartments is a must-visit. Don’t just take our word for it, go see for yourself!

Thank you for following us on this journey and sharing our experiences on @bellanaijaonline and #BNxBoardroomApartments.

Till next time, we are sending you love and light.

Ciao 🥂

Lilian & Sandra


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