The Devil Among The Yorubas By Moses Oludele Idowu

By Moses Oludele Idowu

Some Yoruba people, my own people are mad at me presently because they feel I do not support the proposed Oduduwa Republic. Some even abused me and even my parentage because of my article AGAINST SECESSION: MEMO TO THE LEADERS OF THE YORUBA AND THE PROMOTERS OF ODUDUWA REPUBLIC.
However, majority of Yoruba people who responded saw my points and praised me for the courage and the truth spoken in that piece to the Yorubas.
The thing that really amused me is no one yet even among the promoters has taken me up seriously to engage me on those arguments or enter into debate with me. Except threats, abuses and insults.
One popular columnist threatened to challenge me to an open debate; yet he never did. That was the reason why I included my phone number and email for the sake of anyone who wants to engage me over those issues raised.
One of my questions is: If you leave Nigeria because of the devils in Nigeria, and there are many, how about the devils in your midst? If you leave because of the Fulanis, how about the Fulani inside you? How will you get rid of those or take them into the New Republic?
So will Oduduwa Republic be different from Nigeria that you are leaving?
Some of you who are abusing me over this do not know the Yoruba history, culture and religion as I know them.
One of the sad facts I have learnt about Yoruba is that the enemy of the Yoruba is the Yoruba. I have already expatiated on this previously so that I don’t need to go over that again. As the Yoruba proverb says: “Kokoro idi igba nii jegba, ara ile eni nii seni” – meaning, It is the germs around the root of the igba tree that eats its stem; it is a person’s relatives that hurt the person the most.”.
Another Yoruba proverb goes like this:
” Ehinkule lota wa, inu ile, laseni ngbe” meaning the enemy is at the backyard but the real sinister foes are resident within”
I salute the ancient Yoruba’s for the wisdom embedded in this Proverbs. I salute the spirit of the ancestors of the Yoruba race who tried to worship the Supreme Being in their own way before the advent of CHRISTIANITY here or any “foreign ” religion.
Today those proverbs now apply mostly to the Yoruba. The enemy of the Yoruba is the Yoruba man or woman. How people have not seen this is a mystery to me.
Fulani herdsmen were wreaking havocs on Yoruba farmlands and farmers and other atrocities. A group of National Christian Elders Forum led by General Danjuma and Solomon Asemota (SAN) went to Britain to officially report these atrocities to the British Parliament and Government.
Then the wonder of the Yoruba. What happened?
It was a Yoruba man, the High Commissioner to Britain, Kolade who went there to oppose them and contradict them thus compounding the miseries of his own people. Not the Fulani’s or Hausa, a Yoruba man disputing men from other tribes fighting against the oppression of the South. Do you see what I am saying?
Tolulope Arotile has just fallen in mysterious and questionable circumstances. Instead it is another Yoruba man by name of Femi Adesina that is trying to obfuscate the real issues in an article by making it look like it was Fate and Divine timing. Five times he mentioned the Name of God but not once did he mention the suspicious nature of the cause of death. [ This man would make a poor theologian because he seems to be averse to reason and he’s given to mendacity. Yet he is a pastor ]

He is a Yoruba man.
Even after Pa. Fasorantii’s daughter’s murder it was our Vice President who went to the Diaspora to tell them that the kidnappings and insecurity in Nigeria are exaggerated and not as serious as reports often show. He is a Yoruba man.
My point is the Yoruba race have more work to do and would have to work more on itself as a race and concentrate less on outsiders.
However this is not even where I am going.
Today the real devils troubling us are among us. And if you do not take care of these no progress is possible. Even Oduduwa Republic would be dead on arrival.
We must take care of the evils in our midst first, remove the beams in our own eyes then we can see. the specks in the eyes of others. This is my thesis. For now all we see is the Fulani domination and it is real, I do not in anyway discountenance or minimize it. It is real and Buharism has compounded this problem and taken it to a dangerous proportions and levels . But we made Buhari. Yorubas made Buhari President of Nigeria in 2015. And you have all the opportunity to correct this in 2019 you failed to use your power but instead you reinforced this error and confirmed your own miseries and woes. So I do not know why Yorubas complain now about Nigeria and about being relegated. This affliction is self- caused and it won’t go away in a hurry.
It is time to think and rethink.
We see the.enemy without and focus on the enemies outside the gate, while the sinister foes inside are left untouched.
We complain about Fulani murders and abduction and it is okay. I am one of the first persons who proferred a mechanism for resisting and handling Fulani incursion long before Amotekun. If the leadership of the Southwest have taken my advice this problem would have been solved long ago even before Amotekun that is now enmeshed in red tape.
I am not opposed to self- defense of a people, any people faced with collective danger. It is proper.
However there is another kind of evils I see among the Yorubas,: Yorubas murdering each other for self- empowerment, rituals, money etc. This is rampant in Yoruba land. Ritual camps have been detected in several places and occultic dens where human parts are sold.
The news report today has it that the killings in Akinyele Local Government of Oyo State some weeks ago where villagers were mysteriously killed have been uncovered. A herbalist and a hired killer have been apprehended in connection with the killings. You can read the story here:
The sad thing is both the herbalist killer and his hired killer and the victims they have killed are all Yorubas. When I said that the Yoruba demons do not destroy outsiders or strangers, they destroy their own children; that is what I am speaking of.
There are many of such herbalists in Yorubaland. They too want to have an Oduduwa Republic, they want to leave Nigeria. Perhaps so that they can have total freedom to practise occultism and ( possibly) commit ritual murders unchallenged. I cannot accept that.
It is often a curious thing to me that a Yoruba man or woman never. thinks twice before doing evil to another Yoruba man. Yet you want the spirit of the ancestors to work for you and work with you.
Someone built a house through struggle and loans, a big house in his hometown. The boss who is also from the same town came home and saw the house and he asked who the owner is. He was told.
As soon as he returned to station after Christmas he retired this other town’s man without any query or question from service. Both were staff of defunct NEPA of those days.
Do you wonder why at privatization there were very few Yoruba left in senior positions in that establishment? Why, they cleaned themselves out and made the place vacant so that the other tribes could take it over. “Sebi omoina la nran sina”- It is the child of fire you send on the errand to the flame.”
When they want to jail Awo by all means who did they recruit as Prosecution witnesses and trial judge? Yorubas of course.
That is why I am amazed that our people always talk of the Fulani’s and the Hausa. It is not the Fulani or the Hausa you should fear or worry about except the Fulani’s within, the enemies of good and of God who are always jealous and envious of progress of their own people. These are the real devils and they are among us.
When you deal with these devils within, then you won’t even need to fight because the battle is won.
We are our own worst enemies. You think it was the Fulani who prevented Awo from getting to power? No, I disagree. It was the Yoruba’s. You think it was the Fulani who sent him to prison but it could not have been possible without the Fulanis within. Yes, the Jews delivered Jesus to the Romans for crucifixion but it wouldn’t have happened if one of His disciples had not betrayed Him.
That is my point.
I am not against Yorubas having their own nation. If it comes to that I will support it. However, we have a lot of work to do otherwise Oduduwa Republic will be another miniature Nigeria, if not worse. A Yoruba republic in name only but with Nigerians at heart as citizens. That would be worse than what we are trying to leave.
Good morning, Yoruba’s.
Happy New week Nigerians.


©️ Moses Oludele Idowu
July 18, 2020
All Rights Reserved

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