The 6th Public Hearing and why Democracy trounces Autocracy and Dictatorship every step of the way? By Wumi Akintide



The Sixth Public Hearing of January 6 Committee with Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson has been the most dramatic and the most authentic witness so far.

Her testimony has provided the cliff hanger, the smoking gun, the circuit breaker and the first hint of the individuals who had clandestinely planned and ignite the fuse to the Coup of January 6th with damning clarity.

Donald Trump who engineered the Coup, knew that the insurrectionists were fully armed to the teeth with body amors and helmets and he knew they were there at his invitation and they were not there to hurt him.

He did not want the Secret Service to disarm them because they were all there at his invitation and to carry out his orders. Since he knew the insurrectionists were not there to hurt him, he sure had to know who they were there to hurt.


That was why the outlaw President had promised he would go with the insurrectionists as they marched to the Capitol. He knew he had lost the election as he was told over and over again by his top advisers but he willfully decided to bury his head in the sand and to deliberately continue to tell and fuel the “Big Lie” to no end.

The President actually wanted to march with the Rally Attendees and rioters to the Capitol but was only stopped from doing so by the Secret Service for fear that things might have gotten out of control and that the safety of the Commander-in-Chief could seriously have been compromised and endangered and they were not willing to take those chances.

It was clearly the President’s intention to be part of the crowd in the Capitol. The evidence all begs the question to know who and who have participated in the heinous crime and the coverup?

The potential for violence was well anticipated ahead of time by the planners and the executioners alike including Mr. President himself and all of his collaborators including Mr. Meadows, Guilliani, Mr. Brooks, Roger Stone and General Flynn and John Eastman and some insider Republican Members of Congress who were front and center of the Insurrection from the “get go”

The President had blamed Mark Meadows for not allowing him to March to the Capitol with the insurrectionists and rioters.

How did the President react to William Barr telling him he could find no credible evidence to support his claim that the election had been fraudulent. The President was irate and livid

Ms Hutchinson testified she was disgusted and horrified when she heard the President approve of the “Hang Mr. Pence” chant by the rioters and how some of the top advisers were advising the President to call off the insurrectionists to stop and go home but he simply refused to do anything.

The President even refused to listen to the advice of his daughter Ivanca to call on his rioting supporters to stop and go home but he simply refused to do it.

She confirmed the speculation about the 25th Amendment being contemplated to be invoked by some members of his Cabinet. She also testified to individuals like Guilliani and Meadows and a few others seeking for pardon because of their consciousness of guilt which has become so apparent to all and sundry.

The Hearing showed how the President has tried on many occasions to do witness tampering by reaching out to witnesses and by encouraging them not to co-operate with the Committee or tell on what they know because Donald Trump reads all of the transcripts of their depositions.

It was a masterful job that the witness and the Committee have done in all of their Hearings so far but even more so in today’s Hearing in particular. That the Committee has relied mainly on Republicans who had voted for Trump and would have wanted him re-elected, was a master stroke because Trump could not turn round to dismiss their evidences as the products of mere witch-hunt and partisan politics. He stands condemned in the Court of Public Opinion.

The witness is a woman of extraordinary poise and insight and was totally credible as an insider who nullified the big lie and also revealed that the President was guilty of witness tampering and dereliction of duty and abuse of power and several other crimes in so doing.

Today’s Hearing and January 6 was a day in infamy that is going to loom very large in American History as the day that Donald Trump the 45th President had tried to take down American Democracy using false pretenses and the big lie.

Donald Trump has continued to commit more crimes in witness tampering even as DOJ assures Americans it would go to wherever the evidence leads without fear or favor and because no one is above the Law and not even the President.

America has to pass new Laws to make sure that this tragedy never repeats itself again.

I call this testimony the John Dean moment in the Watergate Scandal that finally forced the resignation of Richard Nixon. I am not anticipating the same scenario for Trump because he knows no shame because if he does, he would not be contemplating ever running again!

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