Take it or leave it. “The Black Power Spring” Revolution is Here led By Peter Obi By Wumi Akintide


The long awaited Revolution and the “Black Power Spring” Is here and not a moment too soon.

I repeat the Obi Revolution is here. Any attempt to stop it will be the very end of Nigeria as we have come to know it.

The election is not going to be very close as some are predicting. You have heard it from me.

Well what do I know?

I am not even a prophet. I do not have a direct hot line to God as some of our many fake prophets prophesy.

I am convinced beyond any doubt or exaggeration that the Revolution has come to Nigeria. It is going to be increasingly difficult or impossible to find any candidate able to go against the Peter Obi’s meat grinder or match his miraculous popularity.

Above is a follow-up to my article titled, “The current problem of Nigeria” widely publicized on the Facebook and the Social Media.

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