Standing Strong By Adunke Olatunji



Many are the issues of life. The world is full of troubles and hiccups hence no one is totally insulated from these challenges because if you are not touched by one, it is certain you are involved in others.

Nobody likes it but one way or the other, naturally or deliberately trouble do come. Human beings are created to encounter and live above it. It is noteworthy to point out that only the strong who know the purpose of their existence can build up to prevent some or develop enough strength to surmount these adversities when they call. It is part of the exploits we are called to do so that one can be strong.

Narrowing down to the cases in our hands, that is, the challenges of widowhood. Irrespective of the cause, it should not be a reason to fall for any cheap cause that would not command any honour. Standing firm and maintaining good course matters. Only those who develop thick skin against the heat and withstand the battle will emerge a winner. In any journey where prizes are stake, it is pertinent to run consistently holding on, even in the face of lack of resources, sooner than later joy will come.

Standing Strong could mean daring the odds, by so doing enough strength is gathered to still the storm. Someone once said, there are three ways to overcome or surmount mountain, you can physically climb over it, walk round it and or thirdly, believe fervently in your heart the mountain does not exist, either way you get rid of the problem.


Do not allow yourself to be pushed here and there because of things that will not last. Taking a bold steps to remain steadfast, knowing your onions will bring lasting effects and the joy shall be full.

As you move on in the journey of life, the cause you believe will only manifest as you stand strong.

Adunke Olatunji.

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