Squid Game: LeBron James fumes about ending of Netflix series


Squid Game.

This was LeBron watching the ending of Squid Game (Picture: Netflix)

**Warning: Spoilers for the finale of Squid Game ahead**

LeBron James is not a fan of the ending of Squid Game and has suggested what should have happened in the finale instead.

The Korean drama has well and truly taken the platform by storm and has become the streaming service’s biggest debut, beating our former obsession, Bridgerton.

Turns out four-time NBA champion LeBron is one of the 111million who has tuned in to watch a bunch of people compete to the death in a series of childhood games.

But, perhaps much like many other viewers, he’s not on board with the ending.

For those in need of a refresher, who were put off by the blood and gory, grisly deaths and have no idea how it ended, the finale episode saw Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) win, before learning who’s really running the game, before finally spending a bit of his very hard-won prize to dye his hair bright red and preparing to board a flight to LA to reunite with his young daughter.


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Before he does, though, he spots the same recruiter who targeted him at the beginning trying to convince another to play the same envelope game. Grabbing the recruitment card from the man’s hands, as the recruiter slide onto the train and out of sight, Gi-hun chooses not to get on the plane and instead calls the number and informs the person on the other end he’s on his way to find them (despite being told to get on the aircraft).

Like many of us screaming at our screens for Gi-hun to do the same thing, LeBron was right there with us.

Amid a post-game presser for the Los Angeles Lakers pre-season loss to the Golden State Warriors this week, LeBron had a short conversation with Anthony Davis when the topic of Squid Game came up.

Speaking to one another, with their chat captured by Orange County Register’s Lakers beat reporter, Kyle Goon, LeBron is head asking: ‘You finish it? You done?’

After realising he wouldn’t be giving away any spoilers, he went on: ‘I didn’t like the ending though.

‘Get on the f**king flight to see your daughter. What are you doing?’

He added in astonishment: ‘It’s [45 billion] won. Like, bro, he won the game.’

Since the finale, many have been speculating as to a second series of the show and, if that happens, what it will entail, with one theory floating around for the potential plot.

Amid the blood, gore and deception in Squid Games lies a truly heartfelt relationship between down on his luck dad Gi Hun and the old man Il Nam (played by Oh Young-soo).

They bond pretty much from the moment they wake up in bunk beds on the remote island and Gi-hun, aka 456, is seen guiding and protecting Il-nam, aka 001, from an awful fate throughout many of the games.

Oh Young-soo in Squid Game.

What more is there to know about Oh Young-Soo’s Il-nam? (Picture: Netflix)

However, fans are convinced there’s more to their special connection and that Il-nam could actually be Gi-hun’s long lost father.

Several key moments throughout the series could easily point to Il-nam trying to protect Gi-hun, perhaps in a fatherly manner – especially as the finale revealed the old man was actually the creator of the games and held all the power.

In one scene, Gi-hun asks for chocolate milk due to his intolerance. When the older man overhears this, he quips that Gi-hun must have been beaten by his father regularly as the old man used to do the same to his son.

Perhaps one of the biggest clues is when Il-nam takes part in what is to be his final game, modelled on a Korean neighbourhood. The old man, who battles with dementia, repeatedly mentions how the area resembles the one he raised his son in while Gi-hun also feels it looks familiar.

And, to throw in a little bit of symbolism, Il-nam has the first number out of the contestants – 001 – while Gi-hun has the last – 456 – possibly suggesting that the game starts with the old man and ends with his ‘son’.

At the end, Il-nam dies and Gi-hun is seen apparently heading back to the island to wreak havoc on all involved with the game for ruining his life. Perhaps he’s taking the baton from his ‘father’?

Watch this space. You, too, LeBron.

Squid Game is on Netflix now.

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