Special Tribute To Poitier By Wumi Akintide


A special tribute to Sidney Poitier (94) born in Miami and raised in the Bahamas, grew up in Harlem.

I cannot agree more with the statement made by Oprah Winfrey in reference to his death that “the greatest of the greatest trees has fallen” I couldn’t improve on that.

Sidney once told his own father a black man in a moment of truth that even though he considered himself a colored man, he, Sidney Poitier only considered himself as a man who refused to be held back or defined simply by the accident of his skin color.

He once said that Hope is the eternal tool in the limitless capacity of Humanity and he lived his entire life with that awareness till he reached the very pinnacle of his career as a world renowned actor and the first black man to win an Oscar.

He became a mentor and a role model to other white and black actors Including the great Denzel Washington.

Sidney Poitier who recounted what his mother had taught him to always learn to say the words “Thank you and please” and he recounted how many doors those four words had opened for him in his amazing and meteoric life journey.

Sidney Poitier died  at the age of 94. What a life!


Dr. Wumi Akintide.

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