See What Damage Trump Has Done To Democracy In America By Wumi Akintide


My views and my frustration on Democracy as a system of Government and my reading on how the criminal circus of Donald is going to probably end, and where America is headed after reading and digesting the “MEA CULPA” by Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer.

My conclusion is that Michael Cohen is without any question the best at analyzing Donald Trump and what he will do or not do and how the criminal saga around him is going to end

Much as I want to acknowledge Michael Cohen’s wizardry at dissecting and analyzing Trump, I also see Cohen as being the worst at protecting himself from the savagery of the Monster called Donald Trump who had tricked a minority cross section Americans to believe in him as one of the most powerful and the richest men in the World but who like the proverbial Arigisegi in Yoruba Mythology, had done his worst to tarnish, destroy and undo his lofty reputation and bloated aura and prestige as the smartest con artist of America, all things considered.

I give Donald Trump some credit for his genius at being able to create an illusion of wealth, power and intelligence pretty much like Adolf Hitler has created a myth around himself and his invincibility as a leader, but on balance I believe Donald Trump is no way near the resourcefulness and the courage and self discipline of Adolf Hitler who was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 but had metamorphosed into a glorified Dictator within 6 years of his election as Chancellor when he declared the Second World War which officially started in 1939 and finally ended in 1945 with the defeat of Adolf Hitler who was never captured alive and up till tomorrow nobody could tell where he died and where his body was buried.

My conclusion after studying all of the travails of Democracy as seen from the rise and fall of Donald Trump is that a Governmental System that allows a con artist and an artful dodger and a Mafia Boss and serial criminal like Trump to have gone as far as Donald Trump has done in the Power Configuration and Power Hierarchy and Dynamics of American Politics cannot and should never be called the best experiment in Human History when compared to the Communist System that has so far brought Russia and China and North Korea. to be on a fast lane to replacing America as the only Superpower in the World.


That conclusion is my judgment call and I stand by it, come rain or shine and for better and for worse.

I would still give Democracy a fighting chance and a slight edge compared to Communism and I would be the last in joining the bandwagon of Ronald Reagan when he arrogantly and with a wide brush condemn the Communist Regime as the “Evil Empire”

There is nothing evil in having an alternative to Democracy as another viable System to compete with Democracy.

Any system that could produce the kind of miraculous transformation and achievements currently going on in China, in particular and to some extent in Russia and North Korea, surely deserves some respect than the rest of the world is currently giving them. That is my opinion and I would defend it any day.

My conclusion which appears to tally with the conclusion of Mike Cohen in predicting what Donald Trump is going to do or not do is that Donald Trump and his Republicans are going to lose in a landslide in 2024 regardless of what opinion polls may be showing today one year before the 2024 Election.

I am predicting a majority for the Democrats in both Houses of Congress as well as winning the White House in 2024.

I am predicting with this write up that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be re-elected in a land slide in 2024, believe It or not.

For all of the noise making that Donald Trump who has been twice- impeached and 5 times- indicted, is on his way to jail, that prediction may turn out to be a dog dream at best.

the guy is never going to quit or or plea-bargain until he loses again in 2024 as he is bound to, given his abysmal track record as a former President who has led an insurrection to keep himself in office for 4 more years despite his big loss to Joe Biden in 2020.

If the guy wins in 2024, you can be sure, he would quickly move to end Democracy, forgive himself if convicted and sent to jail on many of the charges he is up against today.

I am predicting that he Donald Trump may not spend a single day in jail as an ex-President not because he is not guilty but because his going to jail may tarnish the reputation of America as leader of the free world.

My last and not the least is my conclusion and prediction on America.

He Donald Trump as a former President should be more sensitive to obeying the Law and respecting the Constitution more than he has done hitherto.

Donald is pursuing a bizarre strategy of making the Judges presiding over many of his cases, to look like they are biased and he is deliberately and proactively encouraging his supporters to commit violence just like he had done on January 6 and during the run-off to the 2020 Election.

His strategy is to win the 2024 election by all means and to correct some of the mistakes he had made on January 6.

A System of Government that is totally incapable of stopping him in his tracks and bringing him to Justice at the nick of time can hardly be said to be a good system.

His goal is not necessarily to win the popular vote at all cost, but his goal is to simply focus all of his energy on winning the Electoral College even if he loses the Popular Vote by 10 million or more.

He is looking to recruit more radical lawyers from the ultra conservative aggressive lawyers for a second term that is at best a dog dream just like he did on the night of the 2020 Election when he summarily declared victory long before the votes have been fully counted and even having the temerity of asking the Election officers to stop counting the votes and arbitrarily and illegally creating a cut- off point for all legitimate votes to be counted in the presumption that his Postmaster General De Jois had heeded his orders to not allow or to delay the mail-in votes from reaching all of the Collation Centers in time for them to be counted nationwide.

Not even in Communist countries are those scandalous moves allowed by their centralized Government and Dictators.

Donald Trump wants this time around to use the DOJ to hold on to the Presidency for as long as he wants and regardless of the Rule of Law.

A man who deliberately recruited De Jois as Postmaster General just to distabilize the Post Office to help him rig the election will do anything to win by all means possible. Democracy as understood and deployed by Trump is Dictatorship per excellence for those who can read between the lines. The guy is using poll numbers which are snapshots of the moment to now call himself the future President, one full year before the real election in 2024.

Come on. Give me a break Donald Trump is already rigging the 2024 Elections right before our eyes.

We just must not allow him to do that.

I rest my case.


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