Rejoinder To President Buhari’s Independence Day Address By David Adenekan

By David Adenekan ( Chicago, Illinois)

This speech above is a high level of hypocrisy because many of the lines are laced with lies and deceits.

One, was the country not in a “TECHNICAL RECESSION” before Covid 19 pandemic? Mr. President should accept responsibility and do something to save many Nigerians that are wallowing in abject poverty. It should be noted that Nigeria still remain the second largest country in the world that has people with extreme poverty level. This fact was established by the world poverty index. Mr. President, the economic situation was like this before Covid 19 pandemic and it was under your watch. Do something and stop the blame game or are you a do nothing president?

Two, how many Nigerians have been gainfully employed, we need the data? How many in the north and south have been employed through your social intervention programme? Figures do not lie and it seems like most of your policies are shrewd in secrecy. We recently learned from the news that the Department of State Security (DSS) is secretly hiring many people from the north. Mr. President, is your government transparent at all?


Three, what are the effects of the tradermoni, farmermoni and how many Nigerians benefited ? What was the criteria used to distribute the money? Are they paying back the money and what are the monitoring instruments? It seems like in this age of information technology, you are running your administration like analogue. Again, we expect your speech to be embedded with scientific and data analysis and not all of these empty rhetorics. According to your speech above you said Nigeria is giant of Africa but is Nigeria a giant of Africa on empty rhetoric and lack of substance? Give us the data.

Four, is the food feeding programme not riddled with monumental corruption? Was it not currently in the news that they found billions of naira meant for school feeding programme in a personal account of a government official? Do we really see the effects of this school feeding programme in the lives of our school children?

Five, what metrics did Mr. President use to determine and implement all of these social programmes and give us the statistical data that shows that it was not lopsided in implementation?

Six, is Mr. President empty rhetoric about “TOGETHER” in his speech above truly all inclusive when 90% of the appointments in government favors the northern region? Also, How do we explain the word “TOGETHER” in a well pronounced North / South Dichotomy viz a viz Northern Hegemony under the current Buhari administration?

Seven, is Mr Buhari not taking us for fools when he said every Nigerian has equal opportunity but all his appointees in government are telling us otherwise? Nine deputies commandants of Nigeria Custom Service were recently appointed and non were from the Southern region. Do you think we are fools?

In summary, the President Mohammed Buhari so called Independence Day address to mark the 60th independence anniversary of the contraption called Nigeria is too far a joke and another negative rhetoric in modern day society.

Lastly, what a moribund of democracy and arrant nonsense! Is this not one of the fundamental reasons why the country is so disparaged and delusional that four out of six geo political zones namely Ndigbo. Niger Delta, Middle Belt and Oodua Republic are clamoring for self determination or secession? Yes, Nigeria is sitting on the keg of gunpowder that may explode soon.

Only time will tell.

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.

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