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    Our Father Akin Alofetekun had a Euphonious laughter, the type that was hearty, reverberating and genuine, just like him.  He, by no will of his and undeliberately so, made lasting impressions with people, loved a lot and was met with an equal measure of it too.  He was the best man we knew. 
    He taught my siblings and I everything and most importantly to BE. His primordial nature was to be a father and he was excellent at it. Everything else was secondary. 
    Three things defined his existence, God, family and his career. One year ago today, he died. Thankful to be part of his life and he in ours, we couldn’t have asked for better.
    He blazed a trail with his kind spirit, undying optimism and firm belief in all that life had to offer. 
    Since his passing a year ago, we have been spoiled with the warmth and goodwill, which he earned throughout his lifetime. We want to thank our friends, his colleagues, church members and extended family, who stood by us at this trying time. We are deeply grateful.
    As we continue to take solace in the word of our saviour and fill a void only God can, our flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of our heart and portion forever. Psalm 73:26 
    •Oyinade Jummai Alofetekun is daughter of the late Akin Alofetekun, formerly The Guardian freelance correspondent in Minna.
     She wrote from Minna.


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