Recolonization of Nigeria by China has already begun. By Wumi Akintide


By Wumi Akintide Ph.D

Seeing is believing. The video below is one of my multiple proofs of that.

Here is a country that has never mandated Nigerians in the South to include the teaching of Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo language in the educational curriculum of Nigerian Schools now forcing our Customs Officers to compulsorily learn to speak Mandarin and to have Mandarin included in the educational curriculum of Nigerian Schools because the Chinese Government with their own agenda has mandated it.

Nigeria under the current Fulani- dominated Federal Government is getting its priorities wrong and nothing is going to change in Nigeria because Buhari has a hidden agenda that are now being exposed.

It is time for the Southwest to seek its own autonomy and self -determination from Nigeria just like Singapore had done from Malaysia and like Pakistan had done from India.

Today Singapore is one of the four tigers of the Pacific and Pakistan is now a Nuclear- possessing nation.

The Yoruba Nation has all of the potentials to succeed like Singapore and Pakistan


Nothing ventured nothing gained. Breaking away from Nigeria needs not be done by war but by peaceful negotiation.

But if War becomes the last resort, we must not shy away from it.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.

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