Reasons Why Cameroon Beat Nigeria: Idahosa Prophesy Revisited By Eniola Olatunji


I was never interested in the Cameroon vs Nigeria match because I knew spiritually that the tide was to change.

Cameroon used to beat Nigeria even when they wake from sleep until 1989 when God used Archbishop Benson Idahosa to change the tide.
Please don’t neglect my saying. I was there live in that Apata hotel in Ibadan where Eagles were camped.

Do newspaper research from the library you will get it. Oresanya the Oyo State Governor got Idahosa angry cancelled his booking at the Adamasingba Stadium and banished Idahosa to the lowly Olubadan Stadium.

Idahosa in anger threatened that he could make the match not to take place by calling down Thunder and brimstones. He will make bees to pursue everyone including the football officials. I remember very well. It was the back page story of most Newspapers next day.
He spoke to journalists at Premier Hotel.
Oresanya and two of his commissioners called Idahosa to cool temper. They begged him that their action was for a national cause.
He yielded.

He said Cameroon was to beat Nigeria 2-1. A great Prophet. I was not taking notes as a journalist, I was learning the acts of the prophet.
Paul Hamilton the coach is late but Peter Rufai, Dodo Mayana is alive. He told Hamilton to change the captain, make Peter man the goalposts for Nigeria and prayed a very short but powerful and effective prayer. “I reverse the results of this match and decree that from now on and for years to come, Nigeria will be victorious over Cameroon in Jesus name, Amen.” Everybody there roared Amen. He shook hands with all the players and officials and we left. Nigeria won the match though Cameroon did the playing. Wish NTA could play back that match.

I wrote something on this in my book, I WILL GLORIFY YOU. Those moments changed my life and ministry. The deposits of many years ago redirected my destiny.


There was the spirit of Revelation there; I saw the spirit of Elijah; I saw faith (Idahosa was called the Apostle of Faith); I saw the practicality of a Prophet in action; I saw charisma and instantly desired to be the Charismatic Bishop of Africa and lastly I saw the difference between the spiritual and the physical.

Incidentally, I am teaching right now the Difference between the spiritual and the physical at the Bible Study of the church I pastor.

Honestly, only the deep can call to the deep in events of life including the happenings in Nigeria now.

I said in last week of April 2021 that Nigerian government will make funny, stupid and embarrassing policies till they go. Expect more that will ridicule Nigeria in the committy of Nations.

I said there will be assasinations and blood shed. They are just starting.
I said security men in uniform will be killed here and there like chicken. Wait for the northern edition.

I said and repeated that when Pharaoh died, he died with the best of his warriors at the Red Sea.

I pray for somebody reading this with a mind that is connected to heaven, every Pharaoh of your life will die together with his principal officers in that Red Sea in the name of Jesus. Believe. God bless you.

Eniola Olatunji sports analyst.

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