Power and its impermanence – Newspot News


By Kayode Ojewale

ONE with power is the person in charge or control of affairs in public or private settings. A power holder has the capacity to influence the actions, beliefs, or even the behaviour of others. Power can be acquired legitimately, forcefully or even naturally bestowed upon.

Power may be of political, physical or social type. Whatever type it is, the holder of power must bear in mind that the power in his possession is transient and it is like a whistle. These are the two important points this article will dwell on; power as a whistle in the hand of the holder and the ephemerality of power.

Local security men who use whistle do so to alert residents of their presence and coverage of the area for protection of lives and property.  Whistle blowing by the security men at night to also warn criminals to steer clear of the environment.

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