Popular HR expert, Tunde TASH unveils Canadian firm to help immigrants


Tunde TASH, World Educational Services (WES) Ambassador.

Tunde TASH, World Educational Services (WES) Ambassador.

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Canada-based Nigerian Certified HR Professional and Senior Business Operations Analyst, Tunde Omotoye popularly known as Tunde TASH has launched a Canadian company “HumanSquad” that will help immigrants navigate their immigration and career journeys.


HumanSquad is a Toronto-based tech-driven company that is passionate about assisting people in reaching their fullest potential through HR Consultancy, Personal Branding (CV/Resumé, Cover Letters tailored to Job Openings, Mock Interview Coaching, Skill Audit) and Canada Immigration Processes (Migrating as Permanent Resident/Student).

Tunde who is also World Educational Services (WES) Ambassador announced the launching of the company via his Twitter on Monday.

“5 years ago, I arrived Canada. A student unsure of what the future had for me in Canada.

“Today, I launched a Canadian company that will help immigrants like me navigate their immigration and career journeys confidently and swiftly.

“Pay close attention to my journey.

According to Tunde in a post on Medium said he made the decision due to his personal experience he went through after moving to the country five years ago.

Tunde who also documented his experience in Canada in a book titled ‘Adelaide Street’ said many immigrants do not have access to the right information and data, while many still it hard even after the availability of these informations and data.

He wrote; “I believe most of those things I went through might have been avoided if I had access to the right information.

“For instance, I did not have my resumé reviewed to the Canadian standard until I was finishing up my program in school. Another thing that made my earlier experience in Canada unbearable was that certain information was not available to me. See, if you have the right data in your hands, use it very well.

He continued; “If you are moving to Canada, be sure to research your field. Do you know in what city your field/skill is in demand? What certifications/licenses are necessary to practice? Where are you likely to get a job without going through so many problems? Ask as many questions as possible.

“I am a data-driven person and I love to be strategic about things that concern me as a person. I found out while in school that a higher percentage of people who get jobs, immigrants especially, in the human resources field have certifications even after schooling in Canada. You know what I did? I worked towards my certification and of course it came in handy after school. I got a job after 78 applications and 4 interviews.

“In 2019, alone, I had reviewed way over 100 resumés for free. One of the feats that saw me appointed as a World Educational Services (WES) Ambassador. But I wanted to do more, help more people, advise more people to the best of my knowledge.

“But there is only little I can do alone as a person. Then the need to have a team, as experienced as myself. Who have been in the system even longer than myself to review resumés, create cover letters targeted at job openings, coach people for interviews but at the cheapest rates you will find in the market.

“The goal is really getting quality trustworthy services at the most affordable rate in a seamless manner while equipping yourself for the best in the labour market,” he added.

HumanSquad also has an initiative called the CareerWise summit. A summit looking to foster networking for immigrant professionals and will focus on Personal Development, Job Search, Immigration, Customer Experience, Innovation, Diversity and How Immigrants can leverage the Canadian labour market.

Professionals and enthusiasts will be inspired as they learn about crafting incredible experiences through positioning themselves for better opportunities from highly knowledgeable speakers who are industry thought leaders and influencers in the Canadian working space.

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