Osun: PDP accuses Oyetola of not securing state, warns against political violence


The Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has decried the rising spate of political violence being experienced in the state.

This is as the party has also accused the state governor, Adegboyega Oyetola of transforming the once peaceful state into an arena of insecurity occasioned by violent attacks in which gunshots are exchanged indiscriminately.

Making this known in a press release signed by Ayodeji Areola, the PDP Publicity Secretary in Osun, the party warned the state governor not to turn the state into a free for all field of terrorism and political brigandage.

The party said the reports of shootings, planned attacks and intimidation against opposition figures and their supporters throughout the state raised serious doubts about the commitment of the ruling APC to a safe, fair pre-election environment and a democratic election process.

It wondered why the Oyetola administration could go so low to the point of shooting members of his own party on the grounds of political gains.


The party said such actions underscored the growing frustration of an unpopular candidate who was foisted on the state through a widely flawed election.

The party said, “Resorting to violence in the face of growing rejection of Mr Oyetola and his administration is unacceptable and whoever is advising him on the self-help of violence to keep afloat his dilapidated hope is undoubtedly an enemy of Osun State.

“Adding bloody violence to the failings of the APC administration in the state is unthinkable and a further proof that the party’s mission in Osun is nothing short of merchants of death prowling around as democrats.

“The All Progressives Congress must not allow their unabating frustration blind them into enveloping the state with political violence, as such can only continue to dissuade domestic and foreign investment in our already ruptured economy, trigger government loss of revenue and resources, and results in the election of heartless representatives like Mr Oyetola to the detriment of the state’s economic and social progress.”

While noting that a responsible government bears primary responsibility for creating an environment that protects individuals’ rights and ensures a free, fair, competitive election that voters can have confidence in, the Osun PDP alleged that the Oyetola administration had failed woefully.

It called on the government to redouble its efforts to ensure that political leaders in Osun State and their supporters can exercise their democratic rights of free speech and assembly as enabled by the nation’s constitution.

The PDP also requested the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government to take proactive steps to hold accountable the gun trotting urchins and their sponsors who now have the boldness to carry out shootings in broad daylight without fear of consequences.

“All active players in our political field in Osun State have a civic duty to promote a peaceful atmosphere in which citizens can discuss the issues, express their preferences and choose their lanes free from the threat of violence and intimidation.

“It is therefore incumbent on all and sundry to resist intimidation under whatever guise, equip ourselves with voter cards and shape up to vote out elements who are bent on derailing the peace of the state,” the statement concluded”.

Osun: PDP accuses Oyetola of not securing state, warns against political violence

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