“Nothing Positive Or New To Add” – Presidency Blasts PDP Over Buhari’s Visit To Lagos State


The presidency has accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of trying to score cheap political points with President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent visit to Lagos State.

The Presidency in a statement on Monday through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu again accused the PDP of wasting the nation’s resources during its 16 years rule.

Shehu in the statement said part of the neglect witnessed under the PDP is what the Buhari government is trying to correct with the commissioning of some military items which the President did during his Lagos visit to Lagos on December 9.

Garba while justifying the President’s presence at the autobiography launch of Chief Bisi Akande said it is not a crime for Buhari to have been present at the event, describing Akande as a friend and democrat.

He questioned the PDP for spinning the narrative that President Buhari ignored the scene of recent attacks in Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto and other places to attend a frivolous book launch in Lagos, stating the President was in Lagos to commission military equipment that will bolster the military’s onslaught against bandits, terrorists and other criminals.

The Presidential spokesperson, therefore, cautioned the PDP to stop spreading a misleading narrative about Buhari’s visit to Lagos State.

The full statement reads: “On 9th December in Lagos, President Muhammadu Buhari launched a made- in-Nigeria naval defence ship, NNS Oji, and inducted other vital military assets that improve the country’s capabilities to fight increased piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. With the waters off the coast of Nigeria seeing increased attacks – with 35 cases in 2020 – these new naval ships enter service at the most opportune time.

“Designed by Nigerians and built by Nigeria’s Naval Dockyard, the ships are the largest military vessels ever produced domestically. Key to President Buhari’s commitment to self-reliance as a nation and determination to build Nigeria into a manufacturing power, the ships pave the way for construction over time of larger more capable warships. In the future, Nigeria will move to become no more an arms importer to a defence exporter.

“In addition, the President surveyed and inaugurated a naval helicopter that will join the new vessels in scouting for and countering piracy that impedes security and trade.

“While in Lagos the President also graced the launch of an autobiography by Bisi Akande – a leader who played a crucial role in keeping democratic opposition to military rule alive, and later a critical place in the development and ultimate unity of that opposition to create today’s APC.

“Without visionaries such as Bisi Akande, the corrupt PDP and its acolytes who have done so much to strip our nation of its wealth, stunt its growth, and subject it to derogation abroad would still be in office.

“But, of course, those in the PDP who have nothing positive or new to add to the debate about the future of the nation seek to trivialise the President’s Lagos visit: they choose to ignore the crucial launch of the naval vessels; they suggest the primary reason for going to Lagos was to attend a book launch.

“They try to make further mileage by claiming the President should not have attended given the attack by bandits elsewhere in the country that same day.

“Should the president not have launched the naval ships the day after that attack? Should he listen to the PDP who feign concern for those affected by banditry when they did nothing to combat it for decades – not on land or at sea? Should our famously austere President not attend a book launch of his friend and fellow democratic opposition veteran when it coincided with a visit to Lagos to tend the affairs of state?

“Through their attacks, the PDP reveal their priorities. Of course, for decades, as the PDP enjoyed their decadent parties at others’ expense, the navy and the armed forces rotted through negligence.

“It is noted they have not criticised the President for boosting the country’s seaborne defence capacity. Instead, they only manage to make the attack personal. It reveals the chasm of difference between a president who cares for the country while managing to show courtesy to his comrades – and the opposition who corrupted the country through the sharing out of its wealth while celebrating and splashing about stolen public money.

“Sadly, these opportunistic opposition elements, in a desperate search for political points, have dragged respected religious leaders into the discussion, feeding them misleading information who have in turn used this distorted picture to blackpaint the President in the eyes of gullible and innocent members of the public.”

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