Nnaemeka Eze: Enugu LG polls and that show of shame in Igbo-Eze South


It was such a show of shame in Igbo-Eze South local government area of Enugu State on January 7, 2022.

Many people had gathered in the home of Rt. Hon. Dr. Patrick Asadu, the member representing Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South in the House of Representatives for a traditional marriage ceremony.
Guests were seated and waiting for the in-laws when the ugly event happened, quite unexpectedly.

From the blues, the news emerged that Hon. Cyprian Omeye had been chosen as the chairmanship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming Local Government elections holding on February 23, 2022. Here and then, the celebrations started with both Dr. Asadu, Omeye and the LG party chairperson dancing for more than thirty minutes to celebrate the good news.
Other guests joined them on the dance floor. It continued until the in-laws arrived the venue.

It left many people in shock as to the truth and essence of the exuberant celebrations. Many wondered if and when the list of the chairmanship candidates was released, especially bearing in mind that the consultations with Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the stakeholders from the seventeen local government areas had just ended.
While some began to work their telephones to confirm the veracity of the news, few others with interest in the local government’s chairmanship, quietly left the premises.

But as minutes rolled into hours, it became increasingly clear that the news was false. It was FAKE news.
This has raised a lot of concerns and questions as to this show of shame in the home of a federal lawmaker.
How did it all begin? Who started the fake news? Was it to embarras Dr. Asadu? What steps did he take to confirm if it was true before leading others to the dance floor?

To say the least, it was so shocking that such experienced politicians would commit that kind of act before many people who had come for a marriage ceremony.

Even if it was true, was it right to turn a marriage ceremony into a political rally? Again, even if it was true, why celebrate the choice of one man over the 27 others who indicated interest in the chairmanship seat? What message have you sent to them?

Now that it has turned out to be untrue that Hon. Omeye had been chosen, how will other aspirants see their leader? More importantly, how will the eventual Chairman (if Omeye does not get it) relate with those dancers, including the LG PDP Chairman who will work directly with the new chairman?

The lesson from this sad event is that politicians must always look before they leap; they must weigh the pros and cons of every move they make.

My advice to the person who gets the ticket or who becomes the Chairman is that he or she must be magnanimous in victory. He must not bear grudges against anybody but should work to unite the local government. It will be a minus if the person comes to office and sees some people as his enemies, and some as his supporters.

Governor Ugwuanyi has carved a name in Nigeria as the most peaceful. He has done so much to bring about peace and unity in the entire State. He put Enugu State in the hands of God and that is why insecurity, unlike in other states, is at its lowest level in Enugu State.

The best that the incoming 17 local government chairmen can do is to emulate Governor Ugwuanyi by making sure that there is peace in their councils. This is what Enugu State needs as we approach the 2023 general elections.

Nnaemeka Eze wrote in from Odenigbo, Nsukka.

Nnaemeka Eze: Enugu LG polls and that show of shame in Igbo-Eze South

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