Nigeria’s Commanders-In-Chief By Tola Adeniyi.



Nigeria owns the world record in the number of Commanders-In-Chief it parades. I guess we would soon be heading to the Guinness Book of Records.
While the USA , the UK , Germany , and even Russia the largest country on planet earth each has a Commander-In-Chief, Nigeria has five Commanders-In-Chief.

The first and most powerful Commander-In-Chief is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Robbery Forces.

The second in order of importance and muscle power is the Commander-In-Chief of the Supreme Command of the Kidnappers Armies.
The third Commander-In-Chief sits atop the Supreme Command of the nation’s Army of Looters.

The fourth Commander-In-Chief is the Head of state of the Boko Haram nation and Supreme Commander of its Armed Forces.
The fifth, and easily the weakest Commander-In-Chief is the Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces. And he is also called Mr. President!


Nigeria is also proud to announce the presence of Field Marshals as we have in Somalia .
We have the Egbesu Militia Command. We have the MASSOB.

We have Field Marshals for the 11 Militia Commands in the Niger Delta.
South West of Nigeria parades the Field Marshals of the invincible OPC.
The Arewa region also has its own Militia Command.

In all, Nigeria has five Commanders-In-Chief, about 22 Field Marshals and several pockets of gangsters, mobs, cut throats, miscreants and other deadly groups distributed all over the nooks and crannies of the country. Most of these gangsters are found in politics, judiciary, police, and, believe it or not, in banks and businesses!

The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Robbery Forces is the most powerful Head of state and his forces the most lethal, most ferocious, most vicious and most daring in the country.

The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Robbery Forces actually rules the Nigerian country. His decrees are carried out to the letter. He decides where any body in Nigeria can go. He dictates which route you can take when visiting your country home. He decides when you go to bed and which car you drive.

The Robbers Commander-In-Chief is in firm control of the entire country of Nigeria . No jot of land is beyond his jurisdiction or beyond his reach. His forces are present in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria .

He tells you which church you can go to and which bank can open for business and when.
He decides the type of architecture for your building, even the height and thickness of your fence walls.

The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Robbery Forces is ubiquitous. He is every where. His forces are every where. In terms of the degree and scope of territorial control, he surpasses the United States Commander-In-Chief.

The Commander-In-Chief of the Kidnappers Forces is almost equal to Armed Robbers Military Command in terms of territorial spread. And he too has a big say on where you can go and where you can stay. Churches and Mosques are not immune from their deadly attack. And they hunt for the biggest fishes in the land.

The soldiers of the Kidnappers Rampaging Armies are equally ruthless and heartless in their operations. And the most dastardly act is when they collect humongous ransom and still go ahead to execute their harmless victims.

Just imagine a beautiful happily married female Professor, and a mother; abducted and left under the gruesome control of six hefty stinking cocaine soaked ragamuffins…for 11 days and frightful nights…just imagine the harrowing psychological, physical and emotional torture..the degradation..the anxieties..the fears… just imagine. Imagine therefore the horror of the power of the Head of Kidnappers state!

The third Commander-In-Chief is the Supreme Commander and the Head of state of the Federal Republic of Looters.

While other Commanders-In-Chief and their foot soldiers carry guns, machetes, cutlasses, cudgels and corrosive acids, the nation’s Army of Looters and even their Supreme Commander, are only armed with their pens and sharp tongues. And their criminal minds.

But they have proved more lethal, and have certainly claimed more lives than all the other Armies and Militias put together. They have sucked blood out of the veins of the entire country, and Nigerians are all living Dead.

The impunity which the Commander-In-Chief of the nation’s Armies of Looters enjoys has no comparison anywhere in the world. The scale of his troops’ greed and avarice has no parallel.
Boko Haram’s Commander-In-Chief is as potent and powerful as the other three Commanders-In-Chief listed. This Head of state is waging war against all of humanity.

His armies have a deep seated grouse against the Nigerian nation and they believe the entire country must pay dearly for whatever they perceive as injustice done to them by the larger Nigerian state.
Blood is their milk, while human flesh, grisly and raw is their preferred meat for supper…or SUYA!
They may be rebels with a cause, but their cause or the courses they have chosen to tread have not been intelligently articulated.

Nigeria’s fifth Head of state and Commander-In-Chief is the President of the country by law and that is where his powers as Commander-In-Chief begin and end. But in the ACTUAL exercise of the powers and authority of any nation’s Commander-In-Chief, Nigeria ’s earlier listed 4 Commanders-In-Chief are in charge. Regrettably.

The icing on the cake is the myriad of Field Marshals who are on the loose and are marching unhindered towards Somalia .

In years to come, military historians and tacticians as well as post graduate and doctoral students of political science will find copious materials to use for their researches and thesis on the Nigerian soil. Or on the ruins of the Nigerian soil!

Let me end this piece with a quote from General David Medaiyese Jemibewon: If you can neither lead nor follow; get the hell out of the way!!!

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