Nigerian Politicians Have No Respect For Nigerians By Tunde Kolajo



Yes! The political class thinks little of the electorate so much so that even after the calamitous failure of a ruling political party, the creme de la creme of the lousy jugglers will still continue in their subjugating arrogance to camp and decamp in order to band together without regard to ideological variation in the same ruling party, preparing to grab political power for their selfish motives all over again!

And sadly so, believing the electorate will concede to them again and again like a people consigned as by a curse to the doom!


Or for crying out loud, how on earth do you rationalize the absurd clamour for the XYZ Presidential ticket at an obscene tag of a hundred million?! Over fifteen “husslers” have deposited for the ticket to date and there appears more are enroute.
They all must believe the voting population will never discern the difference. Either that or that before our very eyes, another abracadabra shall consumate their return to power: the people don’t matter! The people are helpless!

It worries me that on the two fronts, they in fact may be excused! Because after all said and done, the suffering masses are so bewitched, their focus and subject of discussions is still centered on the two sides of the same coin, XYZ and ZYX! Incredible!

How did we arrive here? In saner climes, such a political party would be history immediately even if only temporarily as reaction to the ordeals they took the people through! The flip side counterpart will be a “reject” to the people, seeing they started and aggravated the plunder for their twin to hijack!

Truly liberated people will naturally seek alternatives elsewhere but not Nigerians! Why?
Nigerians, who bewitched you?!

Are the various peoples, tribes and clans of the North East, Middle Belt and others who suffered blatant insecurity and violent subjugation and decimation of their homelands without reprieve all through the last 8 years expected to ignore their inhuman experiences? Because it is Jagbajantis’ turn?

I am struggling to comprehend what is unfolding before my eyes: are the victims, the families of the victims and near victims of kidnapping and related dehumanizing crimes supposed to forget their ordeals unresponsively?

What crass nonsense is the political class feeding the gullible masses of this country?

What gives the political class the effrontery to parade themselves before the people they have so deeply wounded without even as much as a subtle apology?

I think it is because the people have forfeited and given up their rights to protest or choose for themselves somehow.

I think it is because in Nigeria, power belongs to the government and not the people!

I think it is because in Nigeria, the government and the politicians elect the people, the people do not elect anybody!

I think it is because in Nigeria, we practice “politicracy”: the government of the politicians for the politicians and by the politicians, not democracy! No! No democracy here!

As one of them said publicly, that no one should tell him not to steal and amass public funds after all, we the people, have not once stoned offenders but we rever and celebrate them instead! What an indictment of the masses of this country!

And I think all these and several others, emerging from them explain why the politicians have no serious respect for the Nigerian electorates and indeed, Nigerians.

I say, in agreement with that notable German sage and poet, Bertolt Bretcht, in “The Solution”, since the people are not only inconsequential as to determine their government but it appears rather the other way round, where it is the people seeking to please the government and their politicians, will it not be better then “to dissolve the people and elect another”?!
Wake up Nigeria!


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