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Nigerian model shares chat with modelling agency who insulted her for not greeting properly

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A Nigerian model has shared the horrendous response she received from a modelling agency after she contacted them to make an inquiry.

The lady, with Twitter handle @Itsololade_, had sent a message to the modelling agency, simply identified as Bimz Model, on WhatsApp, asking if they are recruiting models in Lagos at the moment.

She started off with “Hello Bimz Model” before asking her question. However, the handler found the message offensive and lambasted her for not greeting properly, and told her to get her ‘mannerless act’ off her WhatsApp.

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Surprised by the rude response, Ololade asked the modelling agent if she would respond to a paying client in that manner.

She also advised her to respond professionally when chatting with prospective clients because the way she responded is not good for her brand.

Bimz Model felt disrespected by Ololade’s response, and hurled insults at her for trying to teach her how to run her business.

Ololade shared the chats on micro blogging platform, Twitter, and asked Twitter users if her manner of approach was wrong.

She wrote,

“Sigh!💔 Brand owners actually need to do better cause what did i say wrong to deserve all these insults fgs??!!!”

See below,

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