Nigerian lady left with a swollen face after she ate catfish

Nigerian lady left with a swollen face after she ate catfish

A Nigerian lady who identifies as @miss_arhaan has shared online what became of her face after she ate Catfish.


The lady who had no idea that she was allergic to the protein woke up with all her facial attributes swollen to a large extent.


According to her, she had an allergic reaction a day after consuming a catfish which resulted in her having a swollen face.

In the images she shared online, she showed off her face before and after she ate the meal which looked totally different.

In another picture, she was seen nursing and trying to contain the reaction by applying an unknown ointment on her face.

Some internet users who came across her post were left in disbelief as they found it hard to believe that Nigerians also have allergies.

Below are some of the comments;

@Innie023:  Jesus. She almost turned to the catfish. Omo!!

@RespiratoryDafe:  Allergy is one of those things we don’t talk about in Nigeria. Think about people in jail or called witches simply cos someone ate in their house, had allergy to something in the food, got anaphylaxis, and passed. On the brighter side of this, she knows not to eat catfish again

@HonestinaOfoha:  Surely Not The Catfish, But One Particular Ingredient Used in Preparing The Fish, The Ingredient Might Contain a Particular Substance Extracted From Something You’re Actually Allergic To

@rosythrone:  How many of us that still don’t know what we’re allergic to, that’s if we even have self??

See before and after below,

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