Ngozi Okonjo Iweala : Celebrating An Icon on her 70th birthday By Segun Awolowo


Dearest N.O.I, as you celebrate your 70th birthday, I’m filled with immense gratitude and admiration for the extraordinary person you are. Our 20-year journey together has been a masterclass in leadership and resilience. Your unwavering dedication to Nigeria and the world is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Working alongside you under President Obasanjo’s administration was a defining period in my life. Your guidance and unwavering belief in me helped shape my perspective and purpose. Your influence has been a steady source of strength and motivation. You taught me to love my job !!!

Visiting you at the WTO, Geneva , I was struck by the global impact of your vision and leadership. You’ve successfully bridged borders, fostered understanding and championed equality. I remember with nostalgia when you arranged a surprise birthday dinner for me . You will always be celebrated in Jesus’s mighty name

As you attained the  septuagenarian age  Nigeria and the world celebrate your remarkable journey and your unwavering commitment to excellence.

May God in His infinite wisdom bless you immensely. Happy 70th birthday, dear N.O.I – a true icon.


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