“Na so we for take kpai” – Nigerian lady shares the terrifying ordeal she encountered in an elevator with her friends


A Nigerian lady has shared a video online that detailed the terrible experiences she and her friends faced in an elevator.

The video, shared via TikTok, showed three ladies making videos inside an elevator, when the lights suddenly tripped off.

Sharing the video, the user who identified as @gabs_gab attached a caption that read “Na so we for take kpai.”


According to the user, her and her friends had opted to use the elevator but were surprised when it experienced some technical issues while they were inside.

The light in the elevator went off, causing fear to grip the ladies and they shouted ‘Jesus’ and started screaming for help while scampering for safety.

Reacting to the video, many saw it as an additional reason not to use an elevator in Nigeria, claiming that the majority of elevators in Nigeria have one issue or another.

Below are some of the reactions;

@Brisat:  After hearing all the elevator stories in Nigeria, I have come to a conclusion that I’m never trying any elevator in Nigeria 😂 thank you

@Mo🦋💕:  I’ve fainted twice watching this 😂😂😂 my claustrophobia can never 💀💀💀

@M🤎:  At least you were with your friends, I was stack in an elevator with 3 male strangers😭

@Josh Olurin:  From baddies to prayer warriors in one milli seconds, best transitions 😂😂

Watch the video below,



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