My contemporaneous report on the final Hearing of the January 6 Committee. By Wumi Akintide


The Hearing today has painted a graphic and horrendous profile of Donald Trump as Emperor Nero.

The report has clearly shown that the gods have deserted Donald Trump who was the front and center of the Coup and the Emperor Nero who was playing the fiddle while Rome got burnt down to arches.

Emperor Nero was later declared and condemned as the enemy of the State not just for his dereliction of duty but for believing that he was above the Law pretty much like King Louis the VI of France when he made his epic statement “L’Etat c’est Moi”

The gods would appear to have deserted Donald Trump by bending over backwards to create a situation that has placed the 2 Republicans ranking members of the Committee namely Liz Cheney the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, a retired jet fighter pilot and Elaine Luria, a retired Naval Commander to be the ones holding the gavel and leading the presentation today while the Chairman Bennie Thompson who had tested positive to Covid and had to remotely participate in the Hearing by Zoom.

It is going to be extremely hard and impossible from now on for Donald Trump to justify his political witch-hunt excuse that the Democrats were merely playing politics. More than 95 percent of the witnesses against him were all Republicans who had voted for him and who had wanted him to succeed but they all knew he blew it and they all said it loud and clear.


The twice-impeached outlaw had committed multiple crimes against the country and the Constitution that no other President before him has ever committed and today’s Hearing has been the grand finale to nail him and and to finally consign him to the garbage heap of History.

Today it was proved beyond all shades of doubt that Donald Trump has politicized the Secret Service in the days leading to January 6 and how he has mobilized the home- grown terrorists to make peaceful transfer of power impossible and to execute his wish to have his Vice President hanged and the Speaker assassinated, if necessary, just to keep himself in office knowing fully well that he clearly lost the election and was only using the big lie to achieve his goal.

It is an understatement to say that the Committee has done a masterful job and has exceeded all expectations thereby putting the DOJ in a position to now belatedly admit that they have taken a narrower view of the issues at stake and their resolve to turn a new leaf.

The statement by Merrick Garland today is as clear at it gets that he would follow the case to wherever the evidences lead. He is going to leave no stone unturned by restating his conviction that no one is above the Law.

Today’s Hearing has fully addressed what exactly Donald Trump was doing in the White House for a total of 187 minutes while the Capitol was under siege and while law enforcement officers and innocent Americans who had put their lives on the line, were all being molested and assaulted and few of them killed in the process as shown in all of the videos in real time.

We got corroboration of all the evidences given earlier on by Cassidy Hutchinson and other witnesses like the White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and many others.

We got proof beyond all shades of doubt that Donald had sponsored the Coup and the insurrection and Republicans calling what had occurred a mere peaceful protest that had gone bad were all apologists for Trump.

He was lucky he did not commit the crime in any other country other than America, he and his criminal gang would long have been made to face the firing squad. The late Colonel Bisalla and Colonel Dimka and Major Orkar who were not Commander-in- Chief and did not commit a fraction of the crimes committed by Trump were all rounded up, prosecuted and convicted and made to face the firing squad in less than few months of staging their Coup.

Any Republican Congressmen or women calling what the terrorists had done a mere protest are definitely part and parcel of the Coup and they bear responsibility for the Coup and are equally as culpable as Donald Trump who was not just playing the fiddle that awful day like Emperor Nero but was busy pouring gasoline on the fire.

Today’s Hearing was the blockbuster that has totally blown off the roof to expose the criminality, the state of mind the (Mens Ria) and consciousness of guilt of Donald Trump and his collaborators and partners-in-crime who, in fact, had applied for preemptive pardon because they were so convinced in their mind that they were going to succeed to keep him in office even though they knew he had lost and many in his inner circle of loyalists like William Barr had told him he lost but he buried his head in the sand like the Ostrich and would not hear or listen to them.

The ball is now in the Court of Merrick Garland and his DOJ. The case has been proved beyond any iota of doubt. Donald Trump’s intent in committing these crimes and his premeditation have all been proved as eloquently stated by Liz Cheney in her concluding statement at this Hearing.

No ambiguity, no nuance, Donald Trump’s behavior is indefensible and he should never be trusted to hold any public office ever again.

Based on the statement made by Mitch McConnell , Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Chip Roy on January 6, it was clear they all held Donald Trump responsible for the Coup and they all proclaimed him guilty as charged.

Their statement and the summary statement by William Cohen the former Republican Secretary of Defense under President Clinton represents the verdict and the voice of the people which is also the voice of God, if you can believe it.

Donald Trump has outlived his usefulness and must never again be allowed to come anywhere near the corridor of power and he all of his enablers and collaborators namely Ruddy Guilliani , Mark Meadows, General Michael Flynn, John Eastman. Roger Stone Josh Hawley, Steve Bannon and the rest of them must be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

That Merrick Garland and his DOJ are only prosecuting and harassing their little and less influential foot soldiers who cannot afford top notch lawyers to defend them, only goes to prove that the Attorney General is only fooling himself and fooling the Public when he says “No one is above the Law” or that “The Law is no respecter of persons”

Time is of the essence. Nobody should have known that better than the learned Judge who was appointed Attorney General by Joe Biden.

It is now time for the DOJ to get the ball rolling starting with all of the culprits listed above and ending up with the defrocked Emperor himself who wants to be Emperor again against the better judgment of the whole country.

I rest my case.

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