My Apologies to the Attorney General Merrick Garland By Wumi Akintide



On Attorney General Merrick Garland and his DOJ, there are partisans on both sides of the political divide.

I confess to being one of them and I tender my unreserved apologies with this write-up.

I confess to losing my patience with Merrick Garland and ultimately with Joe Biden for appearing to be fixated on picking an Attorney General who is not only going to tell him only what he wants to hear, but what he needs to hear loud and clear.

I thought Joe Biden should have have picked someone he should be able to macro-manage, if the push comes to shove but I now know I was wrong to assume that.


I was thinking Biden should have picked someone in the image of William Barr who was willing to play along with the man who appointed him.

But even then William Barr got tired of his boss and he called his bluff and was more than ready to tender his resignation and quit the job in a heartbeat if needed or necessary. He resigned from his Cabinet less than a month to the end of his 4 years in the White House because he refused to buy his big lie that his victory in the 2020 election was stolen away from him without producing a single evidence of that.It was clear to all and sundry he clearly lost the election.

I lost my patience with Merrick Garland because I was not a trained or certified lawyer and because I was pissed off and tired of the antics of Donald Trump and I thought Merrick Garland should have sooner come to the same conclusion.

Donald Trump had entered Politics determined to blackmail his opponents and ready to throw his foe or friend under the bus if for any reason they ever disagree with him or if they ever give a hint they can no longer remain loyal to him.

Donald Trump is only comfortable and at peace with people who must show they love him more than they love themselves and who must be willing to take the bullet for him even when it is against their own best interest. He, Donald Trump, would never do the same for any one close to him like Michael Cohen his personal lawyer who went to jail and lost his law license in trying to cover up for Trump.

He is now plotting to put Merrick Garland or whoever authorized the warrant to search his house in jail by alleging that the FBI has planted incriminating evidences of criminality in his house just like any common criminal would have done.

I realize that the twice-impeached Sociopath did not have the strength of character, the honesty of purpose or the temperament to lead a bastion of Democracy and a great country like America and I was terribly concerned about how he had managed to ambush the whole country to get himself elected President thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College contraption.

I was deeply concerned that both Joe Biden and his incoming Attorney General did not anticipate and clean up the White House by forcing all of the appointees of Donald Trump to sensitive positions in the Secret Service who may still be loyal to Trump to vacate their seats in the White House before the new Administration moved in knowing the kind of character they are going to take over from.

I thought it should have been clear to Joe Biden based on his 36 years in the Senate and 8 years as Vice President that taking over from a narcissistic and vendetta- driven predecessor who did not wish him well was fraught with a lot of danger for his own personal safety and the security of the whole nation.

All of the above factors have informed my impatience with Merrick Garland and Joe Biden- all of which I now deeply regret as I tender my apologies to both of them knowing what I know today.

As a matter of fact, I now know, in retrospect, that Joe Biden could not have found a more matured and polished and disciplined Attorney General than Merrick Garland has been. He seems like a steady hand who is determined to restore and maintain the Rule of Law.

The whole world already knows how dangerous Donald Trump can be with many of the criminal violations he has committed in and out of office but he always puts the blame on someone else other than himself.

Every accusation leveled against him is always attributed to political witch-hunt and partisan politics. He has never done anything wrong in his life but the whole world knows he is a big crook.

The FBI just obtained a warrant signed by a Federal Judge to search his Mar-A-Lago Estate he has turned into a crime scene.

Rather than stating the truth, he just started imputing motives and dishonestly telling his paranoid surrogates to start spreading the false rumor that the FBI has raided his Estate to plant incriminating evidence in his premises.

Here was a man who has been engaged in illegal activities all his life but he is always projecting to accuse his political enemies of committing the same crimes he has often committed.

Last February more than 15 boxes were illegally taken by him from the White House to his private estate in Florida. 2 days ago another 12 boxes he had refused to return had to be taken away under duress from his Estate. He lied to National Archives and I guess to DOJ and FBI that he had nothing else to return beyond those 15 boxes.

That lie, in of itself, is another crime too many that he could be indicted for. That is the crook some Republicans are bending over backwards to blindly defend while they are all falling over each other to condemn the FBI and the DOJ over their lawful search of his Estate as if the man is above the Law.

The person who should be vilified for stealing those documents is now the one accusing FBI for seizing those documents from his Estate.

He sure had an obligation to release to the Public or to most of his supporters in his political base defending him about all of the classified materials in those boxes which could endanger national security. It was the National Archive which had put pressure on the DOJ and the FBI to seize all of those classified materials in the best interest of the country. Are the Republicans now saying that Trump is even more important than the whole country? Come on, Give me a break. The outlaw does not deserve any support or respect.

Some have said that silence is not an option in the post Trump Presidency. That is part of the price America has to pay for electing an outlaw to the Presidency.

Where for God’s sake would America be if all the surviving Presidents of America namely Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jnr. and Barrack Obama have had to put America thru all of these aggravations and distractions by a very irresponsible President who once boasted in a feat of irony that it is only the Mob boss and the guilty ones that plead the fifth when they have their back against the wall like a common criminal? He once said he could shoot and kill a man on 5th Avenue and the people defending him today would still vote for him? That was plane insanity.

I think we all can now conclude that Trump has pled the 5th today in New York because he is as guilty as a Mafia boss.

He is already busy sending e-mails all over the place asking his supporters to wire 45.00 Dollars immediately because the FBI has planted incriminating evidences in his home in Florida, another “Big Lie” too many.

The Law of Karma has finally cut up with him. Be careful what you wish for others, it just might come back to bite you. Trump has played fast and lose with the Law and he is on a fast track to a bad place, I must add.

Donald Trump has become the greatest threat to America and those who aided and abetted him have become part of that threat. Period.

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