Meet budding African Tech Pioneer, Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole


Who is Olusehunde Elijah Kolawole?

Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole is not just a name but a symbol of groundbreaking innovation in the African digital realm. As the CEO of The Owlet, he has sculpted a transformative path, making him an emblematic figure in the world of tech and digital solutions.

Equipped with skills ranging from sales to organizational prowess, he stands out as an unparalleled leader in his domain.

Kolawole’s Early Life

Born on May 1st, 1995, in the vibrant streets of Lagos, Kolawole’s roots are intertwined with commerce and the hustle of everyday trade. His early memories, mainly assisting his aunt in her bustling market stall, offered a first-hand look into the inefficiencies of traditional commerce. He saw the challenges of old-style business, which inspired him to think differently.


These foundational experiences set the stage for Kolawole’s transformative journey, illuminating his destiny to witness and drive change.

Kolawole goes to school

Young Kolawole’s academic voyage began in the corridors of Genius Fem Nursery and Primary School in Lagos. There, nestled amidst books and early dreams, seeds of ambition took root.

As he transitioned to the Comprehensive Academy in Abeokuta, a greater awareness began to unfold. Memories of assisting in his aunt’s shop, witnessing firsthand the inefficiencies and struggles of traditional commerce, coupled with the vivid scenes of bustling markets, ingrained in him a determination to reshape the narrative.

These experiences fueled his pursuit of higher education at Osun State University in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Recognizing the need for a global perspective, he furthered his academic journey at the University of Stirling, Scotland, obtaining a Masters in Mathematics and Data Science.

Building The Owlet and More

The tapestry of his life, woven with rich experiences, personal challenges, and observations, led to the birthing of The Owlet in May 2020.

Unlike many who sought refuge in established organizations, Kolawole championed his path. The Owlet wasn’t merely a digital platform; This was not a mere digital platform but a radical rethinking of traditional commerce, born from the challenges he observed throughout his life.

Then came Quickshop in 2021 (formerly known as Owletapp). It wasn’t merely a commerce tool but a visionary approach to connect businesses and consumers effortlessly.

His accomplishments did not go unnoticed. Winning the “ICT Brand of the Year” at the 2021 International Mentor Awards wasn’t just an acknowledgment of The Owlet’s impact but a nod to Kolawole’s intrinsic talents.

The year 2023 marked another milestone with the inception of Theowletonline, STRIX, Flyt (formerly Owlet ride), Owletpay, Lyt, and ChequeMate. Each platform was a testament to Kolawole’s brilliance, innovatively addressing distinct needs within the African landscape.

Women of Owlet

Theowletonline offered resellers unmatched order fulfillment speed coupled with unparalleled SMM and SEO services, all without compromising on quality or affordability.

Women of Owlet

Quickshop was not just about commerce; it was a seamless digital nexus connecting businesses and customers. STRIX emerged not merely as a tech hub but as the go-to destination for cutting-edge technology at the fingertips. With ChequeMate, Kolawole revolutionized the financial landscape, while Owletpay and Owletride showcased his understanding of the African populace’s essential utilities and transportation needs.

Cross-section of Fyt (Formerly Owletride) drivers


Fyt (Formerly Owletride) driver

Branching into the entertainment sector, Lyt, the brand new app by Owlet, has become a beacon for budding talents in the music industry. It offers them a platform to upload and stream their music, further reinforcing Kolawole’s dedication to nurturing and uplifting various sectors within the African landscape.


The essence of Kolawole lies not just in his commercial success but in the heart of his mission. For him, entrepreneurship transcends profit; it’s about creating value, empowerment, and meaningful impact.

He believes in working together and growing together, as shown by the strong team of young go-getters at The Owlet.

Kolawole’s media features, especially the compelling narrative on Pulselive, vividly depict his dedication. They emphasized his commitment to reshaping African commerce, ensuring it was efficient, safe, and in tune with the times.

Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole is more than an entrepreneur. He is a visionary, a changemaker, and a pioneer whose indomitable spirit continues to reshape Africa’s digital horizon, making commerce more accessible and efficient for all.

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