Maureen Esisi reacts after she was called out for smooching her friend’s bosom in a video


Maureen Esisi, the estranged wife of popular actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, has responded to those criticizing her for smooching her friend’s boobies.

The brand influencer had taken to her Instagram page on Thursday, May 19, to share a sensual video of herself caressing her female friend’s body and kissing her neck while she was vaping.


The video didn’t sit well with some people and they advised her to reduce her shenanigans on social media. However, some others were thrilled by the sexual display and egged her on.

Reacting to the negative comments, Maureen said she was only catching cruise in the video, and told her critics to stop taking life too seriously.

She wrote,

“Guys I play too much
Some of y’all take life too serious.

Cruise with me or come down from my bike oooo!!!!!😂😂😂

Just say “owaa” so that you will come down”

Watch the video she shared below,

In a similar string of events, in September 2021, Maureen Esisi fired back at her critics after she was called out for locking tongues with her female cousin.
Maureen, who used to be married to actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has gained notoriety in recent times for the sensual posts she shares on her social media page.

The latest shows her locking tongues with her female cousin.

Some of her followers reacted, telling her it’s a sign of depression.

In her response, she called the trolls “scum” and adding that they “ooze depression”.

She further added;

People just wana get mad about how I wana be with my family. Our Bond bothers you??? Eat shit cos I will still kiss my brother on the lips and lick my cousin for the next 99years. Nor worry I still get sense pass you wey Dey take panadol ontop my “depression”


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