Letter to Wike: Now That Rivers Govt. Has Miraculously Recovered Aircraft, What Next? Asks APC


Our attention has been drawn to yesterday’s dramatisation of the return of an Embraer A600 aircraft to Rivers State, a feat “miraculously” achieved by the outgoing state government.

We however wish to place on record that there is no economic benefit of a private jet to the people of Rivers state. We would like to educate the state government on what to do with the aircraft if it’s difficult to understand that there is a global economic meltdown and governments all over the world have their sleeves rolled up for work and not jamborees or investments with zero Return on Investment (RoI), that can only shoot up our debt burdens and deliver an unhealthy balance sheet to the incoming APC Government in Rivers State.

We recommend that the state government should immediately dispose the said legacy jet A600 and invest its accruals into refurbishing all abandoned primary and secondary schools, resuscitation of the moribund primary healthcare system, pay off all outstanding salaries owed teachers of demonstration secondary schools, wrongfully dismissed lecturers of Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, 5 years salaries of RSSDA staff, pensions/ gratuities, students bursaries and many more unresolved obligations of the state government.

Rivers people are tired of the more than 2,675 days of inchoate rhetorics going on in the State.
We salute both the promoters of the “miracle” and the court jesters working on this monumental achievement, which no state government in Nigeria can EVER attain! We suspect that this miracle was made possible by the combined efforts of Germany-based metaphysicians who gained access to the handover notes of the Rivers State Ministry of Transport and discovered the Ministry’s assets/liabilities as at 2015 which included a Legacy jet A600 aircraft.

In the interest of our beloved Rivers State, we have elected to pose the following questions to the state government:
(a) From which budget will the state defray the following obligations – (i) landing cost of the aircraft which approximates to $20,000.00 USD?;
(ii) Daily parking fee of up to $2,000 to park on the tarmac or will the state award a contract to Julius Berger to build a hanger?;
(iii) Up to $4,100 navigational charges per flight whenever it has to be used?;
(iv) Minimum of N1.5m monthly salary for a Pilot and #500,000.00 for at least one cabin crew member?;
(v) Engagement of a ground crew (maintenance engineers, cleaners, security)?;
(vi) Maintenance, observation and repairs (MoR) to carryout C-check in Europe, the cheapest being in Turkey because of its proximity to Africa but this will cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars?;
(vii) Payment of insurance on the aircraft which is in dollars?;
(viii) 3million Euros cost of refurbishment;
(ix) NCAA air-worthiness check.

  1. Signed:
    Darlington Nwauju
    Rivers State APC Spokesperson
    28th September, 2022.

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