Letitia James Versus the Brainless Cookie Monster Outlaw By Wumi Akintide in a slugfest


.How I wish that President Biden had consulted with New Yorkers before picking his current Attorney General?

I say that because New Yorkers are very good at picking Attorney Generals. No state in America does it better.

Robert Kennedy had gone from being the Attorney General of New York to becoming arguably one of the best US Attorney Generals in History for his brother the young and charismatic JFK.

Attorney Generals of the State of New York have always been tough cookies in their own right as they all followed in the footsteps of the late Robert Kennedy of blessed memory.

Elliot Spitzer was a very successful Attorney General before becoming Governor of New York. So was Andrew Cuomo before becoming Governor.


Letitia James could one day run for Governor and be very successful based on her amazing track record as a no-nonsense Attorney General.

The artful dodger of an outlaw in Donald Trump may have finally met his match or Waterloo in the unflappable Letitia James who is planning to depose Donald Trump and all of his children for all of their multiple tax, bank and insurance and Real Estate and other Business fraud they have committed in New York for several decades.

How such a character had managed to be elected President of the United States was one of the 7 Wonders of the World to many people but certainly not to those who can read between the lines and those who are well informed and educated.

The chickens are now coming home to roost for Donald Trump as he now has his back against the wall face-to
-face with Attorney General Letitia James and the Southern District of the US D.OJ based in New York which are currently working in lock step and “parri passu” to finally call Donald Trump’s bluff and to finally put him in jail where he truly belongs for all his atrocities and criminal and civil violations of the Law running to several decades without paying a price.

Letitia James had obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Lehman College, her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Howard University and her MPA from Columbia. She is one damn good prosecutor who cannot be intimidated or brow-beaten by a Mafia Boss character like Trump.

Letitia James and how she is brilliantly but meticulously making her case in Court against Donald Trump is a classic that the Lilliputian US Attorney General Merrick Garland can learn a few lessons from.

A Manhattan Judge has now ruled in a breaking News just released that Trump and his Children must testify in the New York Civil Probe. Justice has prevailed with the Court decision.

But Donald Trump as a repeat offender and crook is now going to try and run out the clock on that ruling or deposition because he knows he is as guilty as Hell. He has now been cornered by Letitia James into having to openly contradict himself and contradict his Counsel by giving part of the information he would have been forced to deny in his deposition.

He is no longer going to be left off the hook even if he pleads the 5th when he appears for his deposition. His goose is cooked. He has dribbled himself into a tight corner where there is no escape. He is not King Louis the VIV of France and he is not above the Law. He is now faced with the Nuclear option from now on.

It is only in America where the Law is allowed to be manipulated circumvented by a repeat offender who keeps committing one crime after another and he is encouraging his children to do the same.

That is one thing about America that is so mind-boggling and depressing if you ever get caught in their system of Justice and they still hypocritically call it the best in the World.

Of course, most rational people disagree with that and I happen to be one of them.

Letitia James has beaten Donald Trump again and would laugh last and laugh best after all is said and done.

I rest my case.

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