Let the evil men do live with them now– Femi Adeoti Column




We are changing the narrative. It is our new normal. More so, times
are equally changing. And with the alarming speed of light. We can’t
risk to be left behind.
This is heartily welcome. It’s not out of sheer wickedness that we
endorse the changing times. No, not at all.
But, surely, it’s out of our hopelessness. Yes, deep frustrations and
stark realities/glaring actualities. Do you blame us? You dare not.
Marc Antony reasoned in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “The evil
that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their
bones.” That remained valid in his time.
These times, the evil men do no longer lives after them alone. It also
lives with them, even before our very eyes.
It hunts, haunts and hurts them now on earth and thereafter. They live
in misery forever. No respite for them in this life and the life
For us, it is the trending order. And we’re extremely comfortable with
that. We love it; we cherish it. Things are falling into pleasant
places. That is the distinct difference. See how God works His
Governor Sam Ortom of Benue State has distinguished himself over time.
He has come out of the pack as a very strong character. His type is
rare in this our trying period. He does not belong to the current
characters in leadership positions.
He would not quake, he would not cave in. His last appearance on
Channels Television depicted that much. It was a classical example of
courage in leadership. He was almost shut down for no cause but flimsy
However, they met the hard stuff he’s made of. Trust Ortom, he
resisted the intimidation with all the strength in him. He chose not
to succumb to pure blackmail and mischief.
They nearly made it impossible for him to say his mind the way he
wanted. But they failed woefully. Their plan collapsed like a house of
loosely packed cards.
Unknown to Channels, Ortom only repeated what he said close to a year
ago. How time flies! He roared then like the oracle he is. Very
“If nothing is done fast to avert the impending disaster, armed
herders, bandits and other terrorists will one day take over Aso Rock
Villa and those occupying the villa at the moment will willingly
surrender to them and flee from the country.
“No day passes without reports of herdsmen and other terrorists
killing defenceless Nigerians in parts of the country. Yet, the
Presidency wants everyone to remain silent while the country burns.”
He vowed fearlessly: “Ortom will not keep mute! Let it be on record
that while the Presidency deliberately destroyed Nigeria, someone
spoke against the evil.” And that person is Ortom!
They chose to ignore him to their peril. What oracle Ortom dreaded
most almost happened. His genuine fears nearly came to pass. Courtesy:
Terrorists, bandits, et al.
Dateline: Tuesday, July 5, 2022. They blatantly displayed the temerity
in them. In an orchestrated ambush, they dared President Muhammadu
Buhari. They picked his Katsina State to make a fervent statement.
What other audacity is greater than this? None, in my naive reckoning.
They put huge spanners in the works for Buhari’s advance team convoy.
They opened fire. The team was thrown into disarray. It almost lost
control. Presidency admitted later that night: “Two persons in the
convoy are receiving treatment for the minor injuries they suffered.
“The attackers opened fire on the convoy from ambush positions. But
were repelled by the military, police and DSS personnel accompanying
the convoy.”
The terrorists would not give up. That same night, they continued
their assault unrelenting. They braced all known and unknown odds.
About 300 of them assembled. It was a large army of terrorists and
bandits. They were armed with all sorts of weapons ever imagined. They
emptied all these on the Kuje Correctional Centre, Abuja.
It was a commando-like operation. For hours, they held sway
unhindered, unmolested and unchallenged. When they had their full
fill, they withdrew voluntarily.
They leisurely marched out of sight. Not even sighted by our security
network. Not one attacker was arrested in that deadly dusk operation.
Then came this insult. In the face of these stark realities, Buhari
came up with his usual uninspiring rhetoric. It was supposed to be his
Sallah message:
“I won’t rest until I bring relief to Nigerians. I am quite aware of
the difficulties people are facing and working to resolve them.”
See who’s talking about rest. Who cares whether you rest or are
troubled? You’re undoubtedly convinced. You’ve not given us rest. Not
since you happened to us in these past seven calamitous years.
The proofs are overwhelming. Just see how low we have sunk. Buhari has
really crashed us from “top to bottom.” Sampler: This anonymous post
is pathetic and depressing. It is trending:
“Nigerians are no longer asking the government for nothing else than
just the right to live. All they want is to be able to go to work
(including their farms) and return in one piece, to go to bed and wake
up the following morning.”
This is a nation in maximum distress:
“Good road, electricity, health services, even employment are no
longer the burning priorities right now.” Our level of depression is
“People just want to live – and now that appears like asking for too
much.” The post closed its case graphically: “Nigeria is under a real
siege by her leaders. Please, pray!”
Sadly enough, Buhari is not done with us yet. His ultimate is to be
our undertaker. He wants to achieve that before he vacates our
innocent lives on May 29, 2023.
We need to constantly remind ourselves. And should be honest about it.
These terrorists they deodorised as bandits are their creation. This
should not be lost on us. We should not let it depart from our hearts
and national psyche.
The All Progressives Congress (APC) brought these atrocities on us to
win the 2015 presidential election. That has not been faulted. They
couldn’t have anyway.
Ask Abubakar Kawu Baraje. He once told the whole story as it were. He
never hid or missed out anything. He was former chairman, Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP). He crossed to APC in the hot build-up to the
2015 polls. He has since returned “home” to PDP.
He made the damning revelation at his 70th birthday more than a year
ago: “The Fulani causing security problems in the country were brought
in to help facilitate victory in the 2015 election.
“After the election, the Fulani have refused to leave. I and other
like minds wrote and warned those we started APC with that this was
going to happen but nobody listened.”
This regime is grossly uncaring. It not only endangers us, it equally
endangers generations yet unborn. That has been our unfair lot with
this junta in government.
We are, however, glad they are fading away. Just the way they rudely
barged in on us. We can’t wait to see them vamoose even now.
And may the evil they do us give them excruciating horror and
nightmare. Now and forever!

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