Las Las, We Run Am! Come Tell Us All About your Year with #BN2022Epilogues

Las Las, We Run Am! Come Tell Us All About your Year with #BN2022Epilogues

You guys, isn’t it just weeks ago we asked y’all to send in your #BN2021Epilogues stories? And now, within a twinkle of an eye, we’re here again for #BN2022Epilogue!

This year has been fast, hasn’t it? But hey, we should be used to how fast the years go by now, close your eyes for a few minutes and December creeps up on you like a thief.

Globally, 2022 has been a lot, you’d agree. From the death of Queen Elizabeth to the Twitter takeover,  the release of Black Panther – Wakanda Forever, the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines that continued this year, and the ongoing FIFA World Cup, the world has had moments that will forever be etched in our histories.

In Nigeria, we’ve had our fair share of the good and the bad. It’s been tough on so many: like the loss of a child, and the ASUU strike that forced students to be home for over 8 months. This year, we experienced the biggest floods in over a decade and one of the worst inflation in the history of the country. A lot of people also japa-ed, starting their lives afresh in another country and killing it there. Of course, we remember our fellow citizens whose lives were cut short during the #EndSARS protests. But in the midst of it, we’re forging ahead and smashing ceilings locally and internationally. People are falling in love and going all out for their loved ones, have you seen BellaNaija Weddings lately? We cannot forget the BBNaija Level Up housemates who took the reality TV show to another level for 3 solid months.

It’s been a hell of a ride and the pressure is getting wesser on all fronts. But las las, we run am!

Listen, we know the year has been awesome for many and not-all-that for some. And then it’s been terrible and long for others. We get it! That’s why we’re inviting you to tell us all about your 2022.

Has the year been good or bad? Was it neither here nor there? What’s happened? When, where and how? Did you fall in love? Did you shoot your shot and got curved? Did you serve or receive breakfast? Did you get married or have kids? Did the japa trend get to you?

Did you get that contract or expand your business? Did you get that job that left your jaw wide open? Or did you lose that job? What’s up with the 2022 goals you set in January? If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change?

How are you, mentally? Did you give in to the voices in your head? Did your anxiety spike or were you able to kick it in its butt? What’s going through your mind right now?

Tell us about those times you threw your head back, clasped your hands around your ribs and laughed your heart out until tears ran down your eyes and mucus down your nostrils. Those times you wailed so bitterly until your voice cracked and your throat dried up. Those moments you thought of falling off the cliff and those times you fell on your knees and thanked your chi for such good fortune.

There are so many things that happened to you this year, so give us the gist! Spill it all out, we can take it.

Send your #BN2022Epilogues stories to [email protected], alongside your (high-quality and clear) photo(s). The subject of the email should be BN 2022 Epilogues. Note: photos are not compulsory, especially if you want to be anonymous.

Submissions are open until the 20th of December.

Not sure of what to write? You can read our old entries for inspiration.

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