Kirstie Allsopp quits Twitter ‘once and for all’ after Adil Ray row


Kirstie Allsopp and Adil Ray.

Kirstie and Adil clashed on Twitter last week

Kirstie Allsopp has quit Twitter after receiving furious backlash off the back of her row with Adil Ray over references to menstruation.

The Good Morning Britain host had shared his reaction to the recent Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s racism investigation, which prompted Kirstie to accuse Adil of showing ‘repugnance’ towards periods in reference to the allegations made within the club.

His comments were hot on the heels of Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton’s resignation, as the fallout from Azeem Rafiq’s racism allegations against the club mounted.

Addressing the developments on his Twitter, Adil had written: ‘This is becoming the greatest scandal in sport. Another Asian player claims he was ‘urinated’ on and heard players brag they ‘sh**ged a bird… who was on her period and made a mess’, and all they could find is a Muslim player’s prayer mat to clean it up.

‘Allegations that a Muslim prayer mat was used by Yorkshire Cricket players to clean up the mess from having sex with a woman on her period and players p**sed on an Asian players head are vile. We need answers and action now. I fear a DCMS review won’t cut it. This is much bigger.’

Kirstie replied to Adil’s tweet, fuming: ‘This tweet is demeaning to women “the mess”?!! These allegations are obviously hugely worrying but your tweet is disturbing on multiple levels and needs a re-think.’


Responding to one follower who felt the ‘racism and abuse is slightly more important’, Kirstie wrote: ‘I also don’t think you can say that racism is “more important” then sexism. Two wrongs will never make a right.’

She added: ‘The statement quoted was, in my view, profoundly misogynistic. You can be both a racist and a misogynist. You can also be a misogynist and a victim of racism. I feel the use/repetition of this statement/sentiment is demeaning to women.’

As Kirstie faced backlash for her statement, with many feeling the presenter was ‘missing the point’ of Adil’s comments, the GMB journalist himself implored her to ‘read up on the story’ before tweeting.

Adil wrote: ‘Kirstie please before tweeting, read up on the story. They’re not my words as per my previous tweet on my timeline. It’s not the issue here. Quoting wasn’t straightforward in retelling the claims in this particular tweet.’

This prompted the presenter to reply: ‘If quoting you must use quotation marks and consider whether unpleasant expressions like that are suitable for repeating ever. Perhaps “insulting misuse of sacred/religious items” might have been better?’

Despite receiving intense criticism for her tweets, Kirstie continued to double down on her initial point, all the while many accused her of ignorance and white privilege.

After responding to the views of her critics, Kirstie returned to explain Twitter was ‘full of people who think nuance is a dirty word’ and was ‘no longer a place’ for her to engage in ‘intelligent debate’, quitting the platform for good.

She wrote: ‘Twitter used to be a place you could discuss things. I felt @adilray ’s repetition of comments that illustrated repugnance towards menstruating women was troubling & I said so to him, he said they were “quotes”, I said use quotations marks. Suddenly that makes me someone who doesn’t care about racism?!

‘This is patently absurd.

‘Things can be wrong in multiple ways and it is daft to argue otherwise. Bigots don’t pick one thing to be bigoted about and remain paragons of virtue on every other way. But Twitter is now full of people who think nuance is a dirty word.

‘Who believe that if they disagree with you on one thing then you must be venal in all ways. It’s therefore not, sadly, a place for me. I enjoy debate, intelligent debate & exchanges of views, ideas and perspectives, this is no longer a place for that.’

Before she logged off, though, she also updated her Twitter bio to read: ‘Off Twitter once and for all. Determined not to fall off the wagon. Keeping account here to stop copycat bollocks.’ contacted reps of Kirstie for comment.

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