Judge shuts down Amber Heard’s claim of Jury fraud in Johnny Depp case

Judge shuts down Amber Heard

Judge shuts down Amber Heard

Amber Heard suffered a major loss in her fight for a new trial after being hit with a $15 million verdict in her battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.


Amber’s legal team had filed docs claiming one of the jurors committed fraud.



The actress’ legal team said Juror no 15 was not the person summoned by the court. They argued that the juror actually took the summons from his father – who shared the same name – and got himself fraudulently empaneled. The father and son live together.


Her legal team said it was “deeply troubling for an individual not summoned for jury duty nonetheless to appear for jury duty and serve on a jury, especially in a case such as this.”


However, on Wednesday, July 13, Judge Penney Azcarate, the Virginia court judge that presided over the couple’s court battle, shut down Heard’s demand for an investigation into Juror 15.


The judge ruled there was no fraud because the summons did not include a birth date, suggesting either the father or son could have shown up for jury service.


Judge shuts down Amber Heard


The judge said Amber’s motion was sour grapes and she could have made it much earlier, but the only reason she’s doing it now is that she lost the case.


Amber can still appeal but her chances of winning are slim.


Judge shuts down Amber Heard

Judge shuts down Amber Heard

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