Job Vacancy: Chief Executive Officer

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Job Vacancy: Job title: Chief Executive Officer

Job description: Our client is a leading organisation that promotes inclusive finance in Nigeria, situated at Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. It is also well-known in Nigeria’s financial sector for providing thought leadership in financial inclusion and championing the unbanked. Through funding and catalysing innovation, providing cutting-edge research, advocating for inclusive policies, and building capacity, it has built a reputation as an ‘honest broker’ amongst the private and public sectors.It seeks to recruit the Chief Executive Officer to head the organisation’s affairs.Job Objective/ Purpose of the JobThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organisation holds primary accountability for guiding and directing the organisation towards its strategic objectives.Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the CEO assumes comprehensive leadership and management responsibilities across all facets of the firm’s operations. This pivotal role involves setting strategic direction, driving organisational growth andsustainability, and overseeing the execution of the firm’s mission.The CEO provides visionary leadership and fostersinnovation in financial inclusion, digital financial services, and capacity building. Additionally, the CEO is critical in building and nurturing relationships with stakeholders, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and effectively communicating the firm’s impact and achievements to key stakeholders.As an Executive Management team member, the CEO serves as the organisation’s primary representative and champion, embodying the firm’s values and commitment to driving positive change in the financial sector.Key RelationshipsInternal Relationship

  • Shareholders (BMGF and other funders).
  • Board of Directors.
  • Programme Investment Committee.
  • Senior Management Team.
  • Peer departments

External Relationship

  • Partners and Service Providers.
  • Consultants and consultancy firms.

ResponsibilitiesStrategic Linkages, Stakeholder Relations and AccountabilityLead the firm to:

  • Work with key stakeholders across the private sector, research institutes, government and other relevant programmes by providing credible market information to support their financial inclusion strategy development.
  • Provide strategic input based on reliable data to ensure the development of enabling financial inclusion policies/regulations in Nigeria.
  • Engage with government, development partners and others to facilitate high-level policy discussions related to financial inclusion.
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for collaboration with other donor programmes and relevant stakeholders to maximise the impact of the firm’s programmes.
  • Maintain links with global sources of thought leadership and emerging best practices related to financial inclusion.
  • Contribute to key discussions; build and maintain relationships with other Financial Sector Deepening organisations (FSDs) and thought leaders in financial innovation and inclusion while ensuring that the organisation is represented in key forums and conferences.
  • Create new opportunities to expand the firm’s footprint within Nigeria with donors, regulators, financial services providers, and other key stakeholders.
  • Position and further develop the organisation’s brand and reputation within the Nigerian financial sector.

Strategy and Maximising Impact

  • Oversee market scoping and analysis through the organisation’s Access to Financial Services in Nigeria survey and other research initiatives to inform the ongoing development of the firm’s strategy and financial inclusion in Nigeria.
  • Identify relevant emerging thinking on financial inclusion internationally and within Nigeria.
  • Identify ways the organisation can lead and support innovation across the financial sector to deepen access to financial services for all.
  • In consultation with the Board, donors, other stakeholders, and the organisation’s team, develop and implement the firm’s strategies.
  • Oversee the development of annual business plans, outlining inputs, activities, and outputs required to achieve the firm’s strategy and present them to the Board for approval.

Organisational Leadership and Delivery

  • Lead the repositioning and relaunch of a strengthened organisation that will continue to expand its role in Nigeria’s financial services and socio-economic development ecosystems.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the firm’s strategy and drive the achievement of its strategic objectives to maximise impact.
  • Reputational threats to the firm.
  • Recommend for board approval and implement changes to the firm’s operations as required due to evolving strategy, resources, and donor relationships.
  • Build and lead an effective, high-performing staff team that consistently delivers.
  • Ensure effective staff management, including recruitment, appropriate performance oversight, compliance with policies and procedures, learning and development opportunities, career development and training, promotion, terms and conditions, and disciplinary action where required.
  • Mentor direct reports and develop a learning culture that supports the firm’s innovative approach and the development of all staff by ensuring the sharing of best practices, successes, and lessons learned between different parts of the organisation.
  • Oversee efficient and robust business processes and ensure high standards are set and maintained to deliver a high-performance culture.

Programme DeliveryLead and oversee the firm’s work to ensure:

  • The delivery of the firm’s key outputs and outcomes, as agreed with the Board and funders.
  • The organisation’s outputs are relevant and of sufficient quality to materially contribute to desired outcomes.
  • Effective monitoring & evaluation approaches are implemented to track whether the firm is achieving desired results and inform strategic changes where necessary.
  • The organisation’s reputation with donors and other stakeholders is maintained as a sound and reliable partner in managing funds.


  • Work with the staff, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors to develop and implement a sustainability plan for the organisation’s work, including the Access to Financial Services in Nigeria Survey.
  • Build relationships with potential funders.
  • Lead the firm’s efforts to secure additional funding, overseeing the firm’s work to identify opportunities, engage stakeholders, develop proposals and coordinate other work as needed to conclude funding agreements.
  • Lead the firm in settling into a new operating model, informed by the sustainability plan and new donor/funding partnerships established.

Corporate Governance

  • Present and account to the Board for delivering strategic objectives (outcomes and outputs).
  • Approve and present the audited annual accounts to the Board for sign-off.
  • Approve and present an institutional risk analysis and identify strategies to continuously mitigate identified risks to the Board.
  • Bring to the Board’s attention any potential, actual, or perceived threats of financial loss, violation of defined operating policies and procedures, or other material or reputational threats to the firm.

RequirementsEducation/ Professional Qualification:

  • Advanced degree in business administration, finance, economics, development studies, or a related field.


  • Experienced in an executive-level leadership role with a financial company or international NGO, ideally managing and leading an organisationn/programme.
  • Proven Experience working for international development organisations.
  • Diverse financial sector experience & relations, ideally with some exposure to financial inclusion.
  • Existing relationships with stakeholders, including potential donors and partners. Relationships with the firm’s key stakeholders, such as financial sector regulators, would be an added bonus.
  • Nigerian resident candidate.
  • Ability to mediate vision & goals with donors.
  • Experience driving impact.


  • Leadership and Team Management: Strong leadership skills to inspire and motivate teams towards achieving organisational goals.
  • Strategic Implementation: Demonstrated experience in successfully translating strategy into effective operational plans.
  • Analytical Skills: The ability to perform complex analyses related to financial systems and socio-economic development to inform strategic decisions.
  • Research and Policy Advocacy: Proven track record in leveraging research for policy development and advocacy, particularly in financial inclusion or a related field.
  • Change Management: Experience in leading organisational transitions and new operational models, ensuring staff alignment and operational continuity.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Knowledge of regulatory frameworks governing the financial sector and ensuring organisational compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset: An innovative and entrepreneurial approach to developing new solutions and fostering financial inclusion.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Experience building relationships with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, financial institutions, donors, and other partners.
  • Market Knowledge: Deep understanding of financial markets, trends, and emerging opportunities within the sector.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to effectively communicate the firm’s mission, vision, and impact to various stakeholders, including the media.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: The ability to navigate diverse environments concerning cultural nuances.
  • Commitment to Financial Inclusion and a passion for Social Impact: A clear dedication to the cause of financial inclusion and its role in socio-economic development.

Behavioural Skills:

  • Ability to inspire and lead teams towards a shared vision of financial inclusion and sector development.
  • Capacity to think strategically and make informed decisions to drive organisational growth and impact.
  • Aptitude for building collaborative partnerships and working effectively with diverse stakeholders to achieve common objectives.
  • Commitment to upholding high ethical standards and integrity in all organisational activities and interactions.
  • Capacity to navigate challenges and uncertainties with resilience and adaptability while focusing on long-term goals.
  • Ability to understand and empathise with the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders, including marginalised and underserved populations.
  • Demonstrated accountability for organisational performance and outcomes, focusing on achieving tangible results and impact.
  • Sound judgment and decision-making skills, considering diverse viewpoints and weighing risks and benefits in complex situations.
  • Commitment to personal and professional development, with a willingness to continuously learn and adapt to new challenges and opportunities in the financial sector.

Location: Nigeria

Job date: Fri, 10 May 2024 22:10:12 GMT

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