Jagaban And The Yoruba Slavery By Fisan Bankale



Dear Sir,

Pardon me for jumping in this debate. I have a few remarks to make that would help us from my perspective.

I believe that you accept that the political alliance between Jagaban and Buhari is contributory to the emergence of the latter as president of Nigeria. In any case, Jagaban and his people wore the victory of Buhari as if it was their victory.

They were proud to have paid for his presidential forms and, rather shockingly, they were sure they will call the shots in government. I thought that was dumb.

Data shows increasing pauperisation of large segments of the country. Considering that poverty had always been a character of the North, it’s no big deal but not so in most parts of the south. We had our poor in Yorubaland, but more have joined that rank.

I hope you are aware that Nigeria wears the crown of ‘world’s poverty capital’. We earned it because of imbecility in government and governance.

As for slavery, that political alliance that led to the emergence of this government sold us to slavery if we are pauperised, if herdsmen kill people without punishment. But who is a slave, we may want to find out?

People are slaves when they are not citizens. You are a citizen only when none of your rights are denied you. But here, your right to life is threatened by herdsmen, the right to freedom of religion is threatened by those who abduct priests and burn churches, the right to freedom of expression is threatened by agents of state, our rights to freedom of movement is threatened by both state, herdsmen and bandits.

The descent into slavery were made possible because of the hare-brained alliance which gave tacit approval to Ruga and the unconscionable letting of blood in Nigeria.

I think it is slavery, what goes on with value added tax. Don’t you think so? Ruga is slavery, cattle colony is slavery, taking over inland waterways is slavery, Sir. Beyond a point, federal character is slavery

Put differently, if Jagaban had not led the Sai Baba cry, it’s likely Baba would not have won that election. In any case, did he really win that election? Jega was going to tell us more may be he will summon the guts someday but let’s leave that for now.

We would have been spared state policy of violence, death unprecedented stealing that are hallmarks of government, if Buhari hadn’t been.

In any case Fulani wouldn’t have operated with this level of audacity and impunity. In all of these Jagaban is looking for the cow to convince him that Fulani killed Baba Fasoranti’s daughter or to convince him that it was herdsmen who raided Chief Falae’s farm, burnt his some of his crops, humiliated him and took ransome for his release.

As for describing him as just a senator and a governor, we can analyse that forever. But his affiliates think he is the master strategist. Well, I think he was dumb in this dispensation. Do you know that the strategic import of this alliance means that we, Yorubas can’t be president or even governors unless the Fulani leadership says so.

This is because we allowed and indeed sponsored demographic changes that gave citizenship to non-Nigerians from the north. I hope that you really understand the import of this.

Only slaves are ransomed, Sir. As it stands, the threat of kidnap hangs over the whole country.


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