Is January 6 A Love Fest Or A Slug Fest? Asks Wumi Akintide



Donald Trump has minimized January 6 as a love fest but the rest of Humanity had seen it not just as a slug fest but a civilian Coup d’Etat.

I come from Nigeria where Coups are 2 for a Penny.

I have lost count, but I can tell a Coup if I see one even if I am wearing blinders. January 6 was nothing short of a Coup.

Unlike the pathological liar who had to be booted out of the White House thru the Back Door on January 20, the last time he was allowed to fly the majestic Air Force One to his Mar-A-Lago Hideout while his successor was being sworn in, in a low key Inaugural Ceremony that had to be downplayed to show respect and sensitivity to the close to half a million Americans who have been killed by COVID -19 due to the callous neglect of Donald Trump who had downplayed the Pandemic as a storm in a tea cup whose total casualty could not be more than 15 in his own ignorant calculus and wildest imagination.

As the casualty grew from bad to worse, he started lying in an attempt to shift the blame to Obama and Biden whom he had blamed for not getting tough enough with the Chinese whom he blamed for spreading the Virus.

The Braggadocio badly miscalculated and he lost the election in a landslide to Joe Biden who beat him with more than 7 million votes in the popular vote and by roughly hundred votes in the Electoral College Hall of Shame which should have been jettisoned more than a hundred years ago because the provision has long outlived its usefulness as I have insisted time and again.


Is January 6 “a day in infamy” to use the immortal words of Harry Truman or a day to be celebrated and glorified in History like the day the Slave Emancipation Legislation was signed into Law by the great Abraham Lincoln or the day the Social Security Legislation was signed into Law by President FDR or the day America had landed Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon on July 22, 52 years ago during the Presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson of blessed memory.

Donald Trump was delusional to call the horrors that are going to manifest tomorrow in more graphic fashion than any Treasonable felony that America has ever seen in any of their 46 Presidents so far ending starting with George Washington and ending up with Joe Biden.

Americans would soon found out who instigated and incited the. Coup and to what end?

Americans are going to find out who funded the terrorist attack, and how many serving Congressmen and the top echelon of the Cabinet and the Military and the Secret Service and Law Enforcement and even the CIA and FBI were implicated in the insurrection and how many of them have master-minded the Coup but had to be in denial because they all knew in their hearts that nobody who had participated in any failed Coup is likely to escape a Court-Martial

In most third world countries the ultimate penalty is death by firing squad.

That was why most of the Republicans were opposed to setting up a Commission to investigate what really happened on January 6 when the Holy Grail of Democracy was viciously attacked in broad daylight with 5 people dead and more than 150 injured.

Michael Pence the Vice President narrowly escaped death from a Lynch Mob who came with a noose and a gallow to hang Pence.

Some in the Mob Lynch were ready to blow out the brains of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congresswomen Occasio- Cortez and Ilhan Omar were petrified to their bones hiding in somebody’s hideout in the Basement of the Capitol Building to escape instant death that day.

It is unconscionable that Donald Trump had bent over back to call what we all saw on television with our own eyes a love fest.

What you call a love fest was the Rockstar reception held for Barack Obama during his first visit to Berlin as the first black candidate in more than 300 years of the Presidency of the United States or the Reception held in London for Obama by no less a personality than Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second of Britain and the Head of the British Commonwealth.

Donald was simply hallucinating when the described the January 6 terrorist insurrection as a love fest.

It was only one or two notches less violent that Timothy McVeigh ‘s bombing of a Federal Building in Oklahoma which killed more than 178 people including little children.

That was another day in infamy like what happened at Pearl Harbor in Japan.

Donald Trump was wrong to call January 6 a love fest. It was anything but a love fest.

Americans cannot wait to see the Commission begin their investigation tomorrow with 2 staunch Republicans, Liz Cheney and Kinzinger
representing the Republican Party thereby discrediting the push by the Republicans to minimize and to downplay January 6 as a witch-hunt which lacks credibility because it is not bi-partisan enough and should therefore be jettisoned as lacking credibility.

Those who are writing the obituary of Joe Biden and the Democrats in the 2022 Midterm Elections may have a rude shock as they are in jumping the gun too quickly and they could be disappointed and embarrassed. But we all must do everything in our power to shoot down their voter suppression legislations and strategies Nation-wide.

It is a prediction from yours truly.

I rest my case

Dr. Wumi Akintide.

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