INSECURITY: Why We Are Worried In Yorubaland- Togun


A retired Army Brigade General   Kunle Togun Chairman Western Nigeria Security Network and head of Amotekun Oyo State  has alerted the Federal Government of  the worsening security situation in South West of Nigeria saying :  “It is becoming overwhelmed  with the large number of unwelcome visitors”.

He said these visitors were laying claim ” on the lopsided Nigeria constitution that allows anybody to reside in any part of the country.”

Brigade General   Kunle Togun rtd
participants at the workshop
NYLPI member Chief Abiola and Professor Jide Owoeye founder of Lead City University Ibadan
Abiola, Owoeye, Owolabi Oladejo; Chairman 1ATV and Adedayo

General Togun made this known in a paper he delivered  titled: “The Imperatives of Decentralized Security Landscape In Combating Kidnapping and Banditry In Nigeria; The  Amotekun Experience In Yorubaland at a one day Workshop organised by The Yoruba Leadership And Peace Initiative ( TYLPI) at the Conference  Centre of Lead City University,  Ibadan on 25 January 2023.

General Togun  said without  mincing words that : “The current security  situation in South West of Nigeria comprising of Oyo, Ondo,  Ogun, Ekiti, Osun and Lagos “is generating a lot of concern to indigenes of these States.”.

” The  activities of armed Fulani herdsmen,  kidnappers,  and bandits are creating fears all over the states. Farmers have been driven from their farms . Traveling on our highways is fraught with danger . Movements within the metropolis is creating fear due to the ubiquitous movement of Okada riders.”


Alao Adedayo Chairman Southwest Development Stakeholders Forum
Rear Admiral Leye Jaiyeola rtd
Sir Folu Olamiti member NYLPI Board of Trustees
Dr Dupe Albert,Senior Lecturer,Lead City University
Orangun of Oke-Ila in Osun State, Oba Adedokun Abolarinwa,in the middle with guests

Not only these, he said All our reserves have been taken  over by the influx  of foreign herdsmen  loaded with all sorts of offensive weapons. Many natives have been driven from their farms. No doubts if these anomalies are not corrected soon, famine will devastate a lot of families and the ripple effect cannot be imagined.


Worst still Gen Togun declared that : ” Our forest reserves have become home for foreign  herdsmen carrying AK 47 and other heavy weapons mounted on Hilux.

He noted that: All our cities in all the South West region particularly major roads have become eyesore due to preponderance of Okada riders, some of them carrying dangerous weapons under the seat of their Okada.  Okada riders have become source of sensitive information on routes, short cut and location of important landmark in all our cities.”

His fears he stated were that the Fulanis ” want to by force of arms , complete the unfinished project of Othman Dan Fodio.”


General Togun in proferring  solutions to this foreboding fear of insecurity said:

1. There must be unity among Yoruba groups  while pushing the interest of the Southwest.

2 Mobilisation of all towns, villages and hamlets through direct involvement of Obas, chiefs and village leaders to commence formation  of Vigilante groups to argument Amotekun.

3.States should focus more on traditional hunters and  other traditionalists to support Amotekun.

4  All forest reserves in the Southwest should be divided and hunters to patrol and disarm  Fulani herdsmen through traditional ways.

5. Anti- grazing law to be enforced in all Western  Nigerian States.

6. All abandoned and uncompleted buildings , on no condition must anybody sleep in those buildings except the security employed by the landlord.

7. All Okada and tricycle should be banned after 7 O’clock in the evening till the following day 7 am

8. All markets should be closed at night. There should be no sleeping in the market or night duties except security guards.

9. Proper surveillance on the Fulani Okada operators, their lodging places , where they hold meetings at night.

10. All abandoned and uncompleted buildings must not be inhabited except the security employed by the Landlord.

11. All State Governors must fight and pursue the establishment of State police,  Governors need armed policemen and should take security more serious. Us of drones should be a priority.

12 Traditional Chiefs, Obas and baales found involved in selling and allocation of land to Fulani herdsmen,  Minette Allah and other invaders of Yorubaland should be sanctioned

13. Southwest states should immediately embark on registration of their indegenes local government by local government.

14. Scanning of vehicles particularly lorries, trailers and tankers should be given priority.

15. View the proposed census in few months with suspect. It should be suspended.

In his own contribution the Orangun of Oke-Ila in Osun State, Oba Adedokun Abolarinwa,  said poverty and unemployment were major causes of insecurity in Nigeria, particularly Yorubaland.

He said insecurity would continue as long as youth across the nation are not productive and engaged to contribute to the development of the country.

,The monarch urged stakeholders in Yorubaland not to see security of the region as the sole duty of the government, but duty of all, adding that democracy and stability can not thrive without security.

In his own paper the erudite Rear Admiral Leye Jaiyeola,  reasoned that the Federal Government would have to drop its apparent disinterest and back constitutional provision for urgent inclusion of state police in the nation’s security architecture.


According him, Yoruba people should put aside their personal interest and differences and support call for security of lives and property of people in the region.

Other speaker at the workshop was Dr Dupe Albert,Senior Lecturer,Lead City University.


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