INSECURITY: Otunba Deji Osibogun Sends SOS To Aketi


My dear Aketi.

Please accept my most profound sympathies on the last round of wanton massacre of our fellow Yoruba victims, innocent souls slaughtered in cold blood in the sacred presence and House of God, no less! The murderous desecration of a house of worship in broad daylight in the town of Owo, one of the most historical and prominent towns in our beloved ancestral land is yet another familiar chapter in what is now becoming the norm in this horrendous history being written by the invaders of our Motherland.

We wept with you as wept, our souls wrenched in agony as we visually relived the horror of the savagery, which abominably, is now becoming a daily occurrence.

After all the wailing and gnashing of teeth are done, one fact still remains etched in stone: This will only get worse without active resistance.


All the town meetings, conferences, interviews, talking heads on social media or even prayers will never change this situation.

We Yoruba’s are recognized for our intellect, logic and reason. Our oppressors have no illusions about our abilities or courage on battle fields, but what they count on is our proclivity to waste precious time trying to solve actionable problems with verbal solutions.

This is what enemies count are on, and their calculations have so far been accurate, that we, as a people will be slow to resort to mitigating action even in the face of the most catastrophic provocation.

My dear Aketi, please let us be clear about two things, this dismal situation will NEVER be solved verbally, and no opponent WILLINGLY surrenders an advantage, which our oppressors clearly have now. At this point, even Jesus would approve of taking up the sword in self-defense at this stage.

“But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” [Luke 22:36-38] Prophet Mohamed raised an army and fought when he had to.

It is obvious at this point that our enemies’ strategy is to employ terrorism as a psychological weapon of choice to destroy the Yoruba morale in advance of the main onslaught. And still we talk, talk and talk, only taking time off to wail and gnash our teeth in anguish, in between more brutal atrocities.

My friend and life mate, it is time to move past the talking stage. Most disasters are an opportunity to build a legacy. Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian leader, an erstwhile stage comedian, is now perhaps the most admired man in the world for the legacy of courage he is building in his David versus Goliath resistance to the Russian invasion of his country.

I submit to you that our task of Yoruba resistance to this ragtag invasion of foreign miscreants is nowhere as insurmountable as the Ukrainian leader’s.

All we need is the leadership with the courage and the heart that beat in the chest of our Yoruba ancestors to step up to the challenge.

Having said as much, one should acknowledge that institutionalized leadership is a strange situation sometimes, where leaders are constrained by laws and rules of direct engagement in some situations. The leadership of our enemies have found ways around this conundrum by engaging in proxy attacks, using imported mercenaries while trying to remain anonymous.

The Federal leadership that constrains you has shown criminal negligence and indifference in response to your people’s plight.

To this end, we are offering you a security surveillance solution that merges technological development with local knowledge of our local hunters, and leaves you free to discharge the duties of your office, while you also surreptitiously mount a defense to the increased threat of the obliteration of your people from their Motherland.

Our people in Yoruba land implored us to meet up with you and offer help and support. They, Yoruba sons and daughters are ready to help in EVERY capacity possible, from providing surveillance and monitoring facilities, to information clearing houses that coordinate reports of suspicious rural activities of foreign suspects, to mitigate the terrorist activities of Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and the ISWA army in Yoruba land.
We appeal to you as the Chairman of SouthWest Governors forum to encourage your fellow Governors to implelment the same security architecture for the overall safety of their citizenry ..
If you find this appeal comfortable pls feel free to contact me for details
Thank you
Yours faithfully
Otunba deji Osibogun (fredo)

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