In The Name Of Politics: Excusing Immorality And Crookedness By Remi Oyeyemi


By Rèmí Oyèyemí

It is amazing how things have degenerated. Every time I look at the situation of things in our milieu, I am reminded of Harold Laski’s insistence on how many have contributed to the *”moral paralysis”* by their acts of commission or omission.

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Even, many of them cinctured in vision, calcified in courage, castrated in morals are trying to ridicule the cleansing of our society of toxic values and find it convenient to sing the praise of crookedness and criminality.

They display chronic myopia and swim in the natatorium of short-sightedness. They are incapable of seeing and understanding the big picture as they genuflect to instant gratification from confusion and injustice, while characterizing such as *”partisan politics.”*

Shackled by this instant gratification, which could have been inspired either by greed or ignorance or egoism, they are unable to fathom the beauty and excellence of justice, fairness, balance, uprightness and integrity.

They are unable to comprehend the advantage of a satiated, even if restive populace. They could not understand that progress for all accelerates individual progress. It engenders peace and security and more progress.

They exude religiosity but are full of satanic actions fueled by luciferous thoughts. They carry the Bible around, yet are unwilling to follow it’s guidelines. Proverb 14:34 insists that *Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.*

See them making excuses for crooks and criminals in the name of politics. Look at them, lost in their ways, and yet seeking the favour of Elédùmarè. A better society would continue to elude as long as we are unable to straighten our values.

*Our politics should not determine our morality. Our morality should determine our politics. For, if it is morally right, it could never be politically wrong. And if it is morally wrong, it could never be politically right.*

So, you are right and very correct – *This is a serious struggle…* It is a struggle for the soul of our society Therefore, we won’t give up. We can’t afford it. The admonition of the Avatar, our own Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo rings in my ears all the time. That there are destructive elements in every society as there are builders. But it is the duty and obligation of the builders to ensure the failure of the destructive elements.

Buoyed by the natural and historical guarantee of the victory of good over evil, I am confident that we are going to be vindicated by time, itself an important element of History.

*Only the deep can call to the deep.*

Thank you once again, my brother. May the God of my forefathers, ELÉDÙMARÈ continue to bless you. Àse.

© Rèmí Oyèyemí
Omo Owá, Omo Ekùn.

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