In Nigeria; Courts Are Producing Governors–By Alafe Aluko

If l was going to use one word why the voters efforts to exercise their franchise sometimes might be in vain.l will say corruption.Nothing but corruption.Corruption down the electoral process from the contestants to the political parties to INEC,the voters and ends with the Judiciary.
The insatiable lust for the spoils of public office rather than selfless service has resulted into people cutting corners.All the political parties are deficient in the enthronement of internal democracy.Where the choice of The Godfather is supreme.He knows you don’t have the requisite qualifications and credentials to contest for an office but because the party hierarchy is in his pocket his choice becomes the candidate.Sometimes the aspirant can also buy his way to becoming the anointed.
   Your name is submitted to INEC who due to some administrative lapses ,incompetence or other factors fail to dig out these flaws and inconsistencies.Or can it be an instance of deliberately turning a blind eye? .
The Bayelsa state deputy governor’s multiple names readily come to mind.  If the candidate scales through the party, INEC and gets voted in.The last hope for the cheated or unsatisfied aspirant/candidate/contestant to seek redress will be the courts.
Sometimes the courts give abracadabra judgements like the fourth frog leaping to be first as in lmo state.No wonder the current occupant is labeled the Supreme Court Governor. This occurrences are a big cause for concern as it affects governance. An ‘elected’ Governor can be in and out of courts wasting scarce state resources to secure his mandate.This might take up to 24 months.After the court battles are over, the preparation for another electoral circle starts. Hardly do we hear of such incidences in developed is advisable for political parties should endeavor to do due diligence and scrutinize aspirants credentials properly and honestly.That will make INEC’s work less will make them concentrate on their core constitutional mandate of organizing and conducting free,fair,transparent and credible elections.
If this can be achieved we will definitely have less of court produced governors.l suppose we are passing through a phase in our democratic growth.Hopefully this time will come to pass. Enough court produced,implanted,induced and appointed Governors.Ourwise of our votercards become useless.Chief Femi Alafe-Aluko

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