Improper installation of water heater hazardous to users —Experts | Newspot

Besides users running the risk of serious injuries, as well as death, improper installation and irregular servicing of water heater also has the capacity to deny users of optimum performance of the device.

Water heaters offer comfort, convenience, and pleasure for bathing, cooking, and cleaning in households. Apart from generally making life easier for users, it comes in handy during the rainy and dry seasons, especially given our weather patterns in the country.

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This much, Emeka Ifeanyi, a household user of electrical appliances confirmed when he said that using a water heater has brought considerable convenience and comfort to families.

Ifeanyi said the use of water heaters has made everyone’s lives easier and safer, adding that it is much safer now than many years back when households heat water with fire or boiling rings.

“Water heater, like every other electrical appliance, is considered generally safe for domestic use, especially if consumers buy only trusted brands such as Ariston brand, ensure proper installation and service them regularly for optimum performance,” he noted.

Another expert, Frank Jackson, charged users to be alert to certain factors when buying a water heater. According to Jackson, customers need to engage certified installers, patronize good brands with a solid online presence, and ensure the use of proper electrical cables during installation. He urged people to be wary of buying unknown products since many good brands have built a solid online presence over time.

“There are some aspects that people need to pay attention to guarantee the correct use of the product and avoid any negative occurrence. First of all, is the proper wiring of the house. It is vital to pay attention to the wiring of the house and the proper use of the recommended electrical cables to prevent danger. Secondly, the correct installation of the water heaters is also key. As customers, you must always refer to the brand for support on installation and update on best practices in handling the appliances. Jackson said that most good brands should have a robust online presence via social media platforms or websites from where customers can get credible information”, Jackson said.

Commenting on the inherent danger associated with improper installation, Jackson observed that many households have paid little or no attention to wiring, hence the unfortunate incidents we have witnessed recently.

“Associated with improper installation is using substandard installation kits, including electrical cables. Households have always paid less attention to wiring but more to furniture and aesthetics. However, any electrical problem from wiring could lead to some unfortunate events”, he added.

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