Illegal Felling Of Cocoa Trees In Ondo Contributing To Fall In Price By Ayekoto


I am appealing to our highly dedicated Governor of Ondo State to find another way of assisting Cocoa Farmers in Ondo State about the dwindling Cocoa Price every year and the bad role of middlemen who buy at cheaper prices only to sell at higher this gaining double than the poor farmers despite high cost of Cocoa Chemicals,Implements and Workers.

The prices of other Cash and Economic Crops keep rising while it is not so for Cocoa Price because of bad middle-men.Why ?

In those days,We used to have COCOA MARKETING BOARD.

Similar to Farmers problems are Economic Tree fletchers known as “PA YABA- YABA” (Tree Fletchers) at nights that are destroying Cocoa Trees,Para-Rubber Plantation in order to secretely steal Economic Trees such as Iroko, Obeche, Mahogany, Para-Rubber etc.

They destroyed Cocoa Trees in order to gain access when they drove Lorries and Catarppillars inside the farms in Ondo East, Ondo West, Idanre, Owena, Ile-Oluji,Owo,Ose and Akoko areas of Ondo State.

At times,they do it in the afternoon/evening and we can hear the sound of their engines. They sell to Saw-mills secretely.

They are not arrested because,they used money to bribe their ways in and out often times while these farmers suffer in silence.


They complained bitterly during phone-in Radio Programmes as well as individual farmers narrated their ordeals and they are not happy about this ugly situation.

Our Security Agencies including Amatekun and Ministry of Agric/Forest Guards/Rangers have noble role to play about this bad situation.

God Bless.


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