I successfully tackled insecurity, employment, economy – President Buhari boasts


Former President Muhammadu Buhari has boasted of successfully fighting insecurity, unemployment and ensuring investments.

Buhari said Nigerians can now see the difference in these areas when compared to when he was in office.

The former President said the success in fighting insecurity brought about investment in Nigeria while he was in office.

He spoke during an interview with the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, and published on its X page.

The former president insisted that his administration suppressed insecurity and boosted the economy in comparison with the administrations he took over from.


Asked if he achieved his goals, Buhari said: “Not quite, but I would like Nigerians to reflect on the condition of Boko Haram before we came in and also the economy.

“So security, economy, and fighting corruption were the objectives I set before the government I led. I hope Nigerians have been following it and saw the difference.

“I know the government I led was lucky to get the governor of Borno State, he is young and incorruptible. We were lucky to have him in charge of the Northeast where Boko Haram was operating.

“I achieved my goal in security, economy, employment, and because we succeeded in insecurity, Nigerians developed confidence in their country and they invested more and people from outside came and invested.”


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