I Beg To Disagree With Those Criticizing Buhari’s Speech on #endSARS–Ivor Ekpe


PARDON ME, or indeed sidestep me, if I don’t share your views..

EVIDENTLY many went into the President’s Speech with pre-determined ideas.

Many of that same number came out and expressed shock… LWKMD.

The bulk of those shocked were those who spent a long previous 24hrs peddling and reacting to what turned out to be largely FALSE NEWS which came with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Not having shed that ignominy of making fools of themselves, and admitting for starters that all their GENOCIDE, MASSACRE and BLOOD OF JESUS claims were false and pretentious, that mood continued into the next day where there was an evident shift in the narrative moving slowly away from debunked storylines and focusing on even more irrelevant suggestions of Tribal Disintegration and Conspiracies to wreck the perceived ambitions of a man that was clearly labelled MURDERER, THIEF and BASTARD…


Suddenly, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday’s BASTARD and MURDERER, was deserving of a Second Chance and Support by the same CLOWNS who postured otherwise just the day before..


I heard the President CALMLY and CALCULATEDLY both try to SOOTHE and THREATEN in a 10min monotonous voice.

Recognition was given to the on going crisis but unfortunately for some, he did not announce the Arrest and Summary Execution of Soldiers over the LEKKI Massacre. A Presidential Panel to look into the ongoing issues of unrest was not good enough for them.

But I wonder, they want summary and express decisions WHILE still failing to meet the burden of Proof still driven by “We saw Pictures and Videos” EVEN THOUGH much of all that has been debunked.

Who should be immediately arrested, executed or jailed for the Mass Genocide of who EXACTLY? 5, 10, 16 or 75 youths?

Is the PROPER PROCESS in a DEMOCRACY (what you opted for) not to set up Investigation Panels where EVERYONE brings forth the EVIDENCE they may have?

Even in the Court of Public Opinion, they are still STRUGGLING 48hrs after to put forward a mere list, with pictures, of the Victims of “Soldiers Shooting Unarmed Youths” at LEKKI… yet someone should be arrested, executed or jailed to satisfy a BLOODTHIRST.

I am a bit confused here. Is this the same bunch of people who think they would run the country better?

Nigerians have a BIG PROBLEM with Mirrors. They are afraid of self-analysis and introspection for what they may see.


What EXACTLY it was and WHO EXACTLY did what is subject to both INVESTIGATION and Provision of EVIDENCE… not hearsay, not “you know now” and certainly not in an environment full of LAZARUS’ Family Members who seem to have the genetic talent for Ressurection After being declared Dead.

We need to be HONEST with ourselves, at least sometimes, and admit that HERD MENTALITY borne of ADDICTION to SOCIAL MEDIA in a notoriously SYNCOPHANTIC society is a PROBLEM.

The President has ONCE AGAIN invited the Aggrieved to COME FORWARD and discuss these with Government just as, in LAGOS when GOV. BABAJIDE SANWO-OLU did within 72 hours of the #EndSars protest beginning.

The TWO empty seats of the LASG INQUIRY PANEL announced BEFORE the LEKKI incident still remain EMPTY as we speak BECAUSE some beclouded Nigerians believe they can hold everyone else to ransom with demands that cannot all be met in one day, week or year.

This shows ME that WITHOUT A PLAN or LEADERSHIP or ARTICULATION the sudden and immediate dissolution of SARS which met their ORIGINAL DEMAND caught them unprepared and caused CONFUSION.

We still await WHO DIED and at the hands of WHOM during the incident at Lekki. And PLEASE make sure that they are not going to resurrect again this time.

Make no mistake. The Government in this speech has INTENTIONALLY taken a Soft Approach for the RECORDS.

Behind all that you ridicule (which is our customary foolhardy habit when we have nothing to offer) should be noted a LAST OPPORTUNITY to Come To The Table BEFORE the HARD STICK is unleashed in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY.

So much so that the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY has been told that even THEY need to Investigate and Verify before joining the BANDWAGON… a sort of “you do not know what we know so be careful”.

UNTIL THE FACTS of LEKKI which ignited what now seems like a planned and orchestrated attempt at Usurping a Sitting Government, probably of Lagos in the first case, (Very Treasonous you better be aware) are determined, you can keep rushing to judgement without proof for your own popularity-seeking entertainment.

DO NOT BE SURPRISED at what eventually comes out of all this. Or simply admit you have NO IDEA how the Functions, Thinking or Structure of GOVERNMENT in NIGERIA works.

It is now BEYOND #ENDSARS #ENDSWAT or even #EndMamaPut… Wake Up!

I only GUESS at these things so do not blame me if this does not sit well with you.

If you had bothered to listen to the whole speech with GENUINE concern and INTENT you MAY have ‘heard’ rather than ‘herd’ a bit more than you think.

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