How not to honour altruistic leaders


By Joseph Ikpea

HISTORY is replete with deeds of great men and women ensnared with insatiable obsession of patriotic fervour that signposts them as species possessed by unfathomable quest to change the narratives of their generation.

 An individual with a good character chooses to do the right things at the right time because he or she has the moral conviction that such line of action is the right thing to do at that point in time. In so doing, the possibility of others to misrepresent or misunderstand such intentions could be high no matter how noble they may seem to be.

Our history of remorseless, despicable and disdainful disposition towards human capital refurbishment is grossly legendary, dishearteningly unacceptable and grossly undesirable. To conscript a multi-talented and altruistic personality with high integrity and excellent morals to the abyss of irrelevance on the altar of ego and power play would amount to gross misconduct and disservice to our collective resolve for a better society.

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