How and Why ” Notorious” Gana Was Killed By Azubike Nass

THE KILLING OF A NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL KINGPIN (Terrorist, Kidnapper, Rapist, Murderer and Ritual Killer) BY SOLDIERS ON SEPTEMBER 08, 2020:

Name: Terwase Akwaza (alias Gana), from Benue State.


1. Benue State is in North-Central zone of Nigeria. It has a rich agricultural landmass that is about the size of the 5 States of the South-East zone put together. North of Benue is Nasarawa State which is smaller in size. North-east of Benue is Taraba State which is even bigger than Benue in landmass. Benue has borders with 6 States. The north-eastern part bordering Taraba State (particularly 3 local government councils), is the birth place and main base of the criminal kingpin nicknamed Gana. They are mostly of Tiv ethnic group and predominantly of Christian religious faith.


2. Gana had been a notorious militant and criminal from about 2012, and had been known to associate with some powerful politicians and their agents. In the build-up to 2015 general elections, he was a favourite of some politicians in recruiting armed thugs to help win elections. And he did that job well. He was also seen as militant worrior in the internal ethno-religious conflicts affecting his area and across neighbouring Taraba State.

3. Soon after the 2015 elections, the new Benue State Governor announced an Amnesty for repentant militants and criminals. Gana and his gang members surrendered some guns and were granted Amnesty. The Amnesty did not involved educational or vocational training. Gana was simply handed over a key part of the State’s internally generated revenue (IGR) to manage. He headed the revenue collection that was not really accountable to anybody other than to settle his boys. And the State made do with mainly Federal monthly revenue allocation. It was reported that the State Government still allocated monthly payment to him from the Security Vote.

4. Gana made more money than he had ever made from all his years of criminal gang life. He recruited more gang members from across the State, and purchased more weapons. He became almost an untouchable gang master who could do and undo. His gang boys could molest, robb, rape and kill, and get away with it. The high point was the assassination of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Security Matters. The Adviser’s offence was that he wrote a report to the Governor that Gana and his men were still steeply involved in crime and expanding their network, even with the Amnesty granted them.

5. At this point Gana broke off the cozy relationship with the State Government and withdrew his boys back to their forest bases, with more men and sophisticated weapons. He became more audacious and authoritative in his criminal activities. The State Government declared him wanted and placed a prize on his arrest. Security agencies started hunting for him. Gana always remained one step ahead of the Security agencies, because he retained informers and agents within the Government, as well as within his ethnic-religious home base..


6. In the build-up to 2019 (last year) general elections, the services of Gana’s gang were still clandestinely sought by agents of prominent politicians, and Gana’s men still played a role, even though Gana remained the most wanted man in the State. The elections were won. Not long after, some traditional, religious and political leaders from his area started moves to broker another Amnesty for him and his gang members. And the State Governor recently accepted it.

7. This was at a time the Army special-forces troops were dislodging some militants, terrorists and kidnappers from their forest bases in the general area, and many of them were escaping to other places and leaving behind their wives and little children in their forest camps. And the troops were taking custody of these women and children to hand them over to relevant State governments.

8. Gana and his gang had been involved in multiple high profile kidnappings and murders. In some of the cases, the kidnap victims were killed after collecting huge ransom for their release. One such case involved the wife of an Appeal Court Justice (a mother with grown-up children) who was raped and killed after collecting 7 million Naira as ransom. Gana freely killed for human-ritual purpose which was believed to refurbish his diabolical spiritual power. Some of such victims were buried alive. His gang had killed members of the Security forces in ambushes that indicated the criminals had precise information.

9. He imposed taxes on the community markets and farm lands in the area. And the people complied out of fear of the consequences of refusal. Many people relocated from the area. In fact, the communities were held hostage and were forced to comply just to survive, even as they appreciated Gana’s contributions to their ethno-religious conflicts.

10. On September 8, 2020, Gana and others were on their way to the State capital, Makurdi, to be received and granted Amnesty for the second time by the same Governor who won his re-election last year. Special-forces troops stopped the convoy of cars, took out Gana and a few others. Gana’s dead body was later reported.


11. In the Christian religious history, as recounted in the Bible (which is carried over from Judaism historical narrative), there was a King who relished in killing Jews, particularly new-born males. In a war between the Israelites and the King’s nation, the Israelites captured the King alive and brought him home as a prisoner-of-war trophy. The leading Israelites’ Prophet of the time ordered that the captured King should be killed, with a declaration:. “As your sword has made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women,”.

12. That closes the chapter on the criminal kingpin nicknamed Gana. Any other talk is noise-making.

Azubike Nass…. ⚖❗

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