Heartwarming video of nursing mother who has no hands using her mouth to feed her baby (Watch)

Heartwarming video of nursing mother who has no hands using her mouth to feed her baby (Watch)

A young nursing mother with no hands has earned online admiration after using her mouth to feed her baby.

The young mother, who is physically challenged with her hands amputated, used her mouth to spoon-feed her little boy.

In a viral video, the mother is seen holding the spoon between her lips as she scoops some food onto it, dips it in her baby’s meal, and then places it in his mouth.

Reacting to the touching clip, Nigerians on social media praised the mother for going above and beyond to care for her kid in spite of her condition.

A TikTok user @Anna Sterling wrote, “What a beautiful blessing, mother. That’s why I hate to see men mistreat a queen because cause they are beautiful and awesome powerful.”

@aprilgreen1993 wrote, “Mother’s always know how to care for babies. Mother’s love. Thanks to all mothers.”

@Ruvarashe Kwamwede, “You are the best mom ever.”

Watch video below,

In other news, a UK-based Nigerian man has shared a photo of him backing his child while his wife is at work, something he said he never saw himself doing back home.

Since moving to the United Kingdom with his family, the Benin-born man said he has had to humble himself and take on the responsibility of nursing their baby while his wife is at work.

Taking to Twitter, he discussed how very different the roles of a father and mother were in his home country, Nigeria, and not necessarily so in the United Kingdom.

Sharing the photo of himself backing their daughter, the father noted that he never thought a day would come when he would be the one babysitting their child while his wife worked.

“If anyone had told me I will back a baby I will say is a lie… Well Bini man carry baby for back while madam went to work… UK will loyal you…”. He wrote on Twitter.

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